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  1. Really? Does the c/c on the turn mean that he can't have us beat?I would probably just smooth call in case villain has us beat here.
  2. Still, I think TT/JJ/QQ are a big part of the range. Have you seen him make plays like this with air? I think you'll find yourself up against a bigger pair too often to make it profitable.
  3. With two limpers, I don't think making it $20 originally is enough. $25 is better and $30 might even work. Other than that, I like the thought process with shoving to isolate the dead money. None of the other limpers could possibly be trapping so, unless they decide to make a hero call with something like 88 or 99, you are in decent shape.
  4. If you've decided to go with your hand in this spot, does anyone make a non-shoving raise instead to make it look stronger, like raising to $170.
  5. I'm folding here and I am a bit of a station. With $95 in the pot, making it $170 is not really too big to be AA or KK. It could certainly be TT-QQ and AK. I would highly doubt it is air unless you've seen him bluffing a lot. If it were a shove for $170 instead of a raise, you could consider calling because of the extra money in the pot. But, instead you would have to treat it as a shove for $345. If he had a smaller pair than yours (best case scenario) he would probably try to play the hand multi-way for set value in this spot so you are either crushed (against a bigger pair) or flipping (aga
  6. I would pay it off and be glad he bet so small with a boat on the river. You still beat missed straight draws and small/medium pairs and a few worse jacks. I would also assume that villain raises the flop with 2 pair and sets and raises the turn with a deuce. Stove it against:AJ, KJ, QJ, J9, AT, KT, QT, T9s, T8s, 33-99Does this range look ok?
  7. BB only has $0.90 left. Only move is to raise and get full value from draws.
  8. How about big payouts? I have a tough time taking something that has a 1st payout of less than 5 figures too seriously. I love the tourneys that have that 6-figure+ payday. Maybe a top five list? I am not limited to just stars.
  9. looshle - I am not a full time poker player but when I play it is mostly Heads Up SNGs and just starting to play some FR cash. I try to play the Sunday Million on Stars every week because I feel like it has tremendous value but it is the only tournament I play. Do you know of other tourneys that have a ton of value like this?
  10. I really love places that let you show a card like that. It creates some really fun spots. Does anyone know what places in Vegas let you do this? Usually, I would play at MGM but they don't let you do things like that.
  11. With t1225 in the pot when it gets to you, I would probably just ship it in as it would increase your stack size by 20%+. I hate making it t1000 and getting called in two places because life sucks when you miss the flop.
  12. So do you think it is trips+ enough for us to fold to the minraise?
  13. I think you get more fold equity by raising to $4 or so. It looks so much stronger than a shove and pot-commits you so you really don't have to worry about being bluffed off of it as villain would be shoving for an extra $3 on top of your raise.
  14. Ok, I am pretty comfortable going broke on hand #2 because I can see it being mid pairs alot.On hand #1 though, I am having a tough time. What is our plan after calling preflop? Are we willing to go broke on low flops (as in 9-high)? Doesn't check-calling every street give villain a chance to get there if he has AK/AQ or a suited connector that hit part of this flop? As played, suppose I call the flop bet and reevaluate on the turn and it is a blank like a 2c. Do I check or bet? Assuming I check and villain bets $3, then what?Here is my thought process during the hand....please help me identif
  15. For hand #1, is there any sense in 4-betting preflop? Doesn't that 3-bet look like a "I've got the button and your cutoff opening range is pretty wide" type of reraise? I only say that because if I were the button, I would be 3-betting a cutoff open with like top 40% of my hands.For hand #2, does the preflop raise size look good? What range can we put villain on after minraising the flop?
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