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  1. OK to call first. In a loose game you need to draw to A26, A36 etc or high 2 pair, or high trips. Really I dont like Jacks as Kings are the real deal for high in this game. Kings full is the standard high. The game dynamic is such that there is rarely a scoop in a loose game. I assume it is A-6 low, but in any case you go for strong high or good low. The concept of drawing for low flushes is theoretically sound, but practice says you will rarely scoop. In a tighter game then of course low flushes rule. In a loose game - just concentrate on a good 1-way hand. Fold after the first pass.
  2. Mishan wrote about economic growth and its problems in the 60's(???). The book was called The Costs of Economic Growth. Might have to dig out my copy and see how relevant/dated it is today.
  3. That's ma boy!! And if you have a really good wrap style, then when finished work, you can simply loosen the tie, and remove it without having to unravel the whole thing, yes?? That way you don't have to keep tying it anew each morning.
  4. Good basic stuff about the ethno-symbolism, and shared history(lack of) etc. There is generally no reason for an individual to assume a strong Euro identity since there is no great narrative (there is no Other that the Euro fights against - no nemesis to aggregate against). There is no great advantage to individually asserting a Euro identity as opposed to an existing national one. Chauvinism etc lies within the national identity, and therefore group networking bonds and social reward still lies in those national identities. And quite apart from the masses interaction with each other, the elit
  5. Good post. That's what happens when people who possess knowledge decide to share understanding. I learnt something from that post. That's why I post here. To learn and share understanding. This place however is beyond redemption because people don't want to learn, and in your case for example, people didn't want to share understanding. Anyway, thanks for the post - there is something I learnt which I want to expand on, and something which I disagree which i want to discuss. Will post a bit later.Surprised you responded sensibly, cos I had changed my profile and was ready to troll up this sh*t
  6. People are allowed to be wrong, and also change their views. Also see Volcker and the extraordinary things done at the time re fed fund rates, gold, etc. Ron Paul's Damascene conversion to the market float of gold( from the delusional gold 'standard') is something you should consider. For someone who was fixated with that for years to now say it wouldn't work is a big confession to make. That may indicate a new understanding, perhaps an understanding which you aren't aware of yourself?? But maybe that conflicts with an easy position that you hold at present...
  7. Yes good post, and regional pushes for autonomy are creating tensions as well.http://www.chathamhouse.org/sites/default/...T1211p8Iraq.pdf
  8. By holding up a model worthy of desire in other places, the order as prescribed by the West(US) can cause the spread of certain values overseas. If the standard of living and opportunity can be communicated through the WWW for example, then the citizens of far-off lands can aspire to this and demand changes to behaviour from their own leaders.
  9. Not necessarily. Contending theories suggest that search frictions in insurance markets cause greater costs to be incurred by the clients and the service providers. Governments can help overcome some of the costs by reducing search frictions, and allow private insurers to cater for the tail-ends of the client distribution.Don't buy too much into the simplistic story of 'free-market' improving costs in healthcare:http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpres...ictions-part-1/http://www.aeaweb.org/articles.php?doi=10..../aer.101.5.1842
  10. Lets not get too caught up in the doomsayer business though... Politics always has a way of extending possibilities out of the economic constraints which are claimed. And these days, there are a lot of tools which can be employed...We'll see, but I don't think that Greece will leave the euro - there will be a writedown of some debt. Printing is the option for Europe and the US jointly...
  11. depends on the country, and existing cleavages(financial, ethnic/cultural, geographical). China is obvious(Xinjiang and Tibet), Russian Federation too, and so on. Several African countries too.Be careful though if you over-state the similarities because national consciousness and regional though.If you're thinking of the US, forget it. You guys aren't ready for splitting no matter what state you're from(this can change in the future of course). Language - note Quebec was francophone hence only realistic province to bid for secession in Canada - hence shared 'stories'.And the national consciou
  12. Yo Bob, you make very good posts in this thread(although the business of lender-of-last-resort is overdone). Your posts and links tend to focus on economic viewpoints etc. Here are a couple that focus on politics:More to Europe than the stats Italy isn't really worried?? NATIONALISM is persistent!
  13. hey hblask, your man Ron Paul is finally getting 'his mind right' as Boss used to say back in the day. He has moved from the ridiculous gold standard which you used to spout, and what he used to recommend. He now agrees with what I've been telling you in the gold standard thread(see here, here, and here) - NOT A FIXED EXCHANGE STANDARD, BUT A FREE MARKET FLOAT!!Only thing is he needs to drop the term gold 'standard' since it is not like any standard in the past, and the term rightly induces derision... Between 1:37 and 3:43
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