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  1. Yeah, so anyway, if you like science fiction action thrillers, these are pretty great. Once I started reading them, I couldn't put them down.
  2. I don't think spell check would help since none of the words are misspelled. Is what he said really that bad? He said they were disrespectful. Oh my god?Note: I didn't see anything nor do I even know what he's talking about.
  3. Who is more embarrassed?Man hires prostitute, daughter shows up.
  4. I'm going to assume that "doing it right" means spending $1,300+ for your own VIP table at TGIFriday's.
  5. #2to cancel out krugman, I bring taleb. some great stuff in here, looks to be a draft version of a chapter from an upcoming book? I can't quote it, but here it is for as long as his site's hosting it:http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/chapter4.pdf figure 15 looks an awful lot like a bull spread. considering that he spends a bunch of time discussing options, seems like it can't be a coincidence. don't really know where he's going with it, though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull_spread the style is very similar to what you'll find in the black swan. the point to this chapter is pretty int
  6. This made me laugh out loud even though I don't know why it's terrible.Anybody here read these books?
  7. "One of the paramedics made her feel better by showing pictures of his friend, Bryan Stow, a South Bay paramedic who is recovering from brain injuries after being badly beaten outside a Giants game in Los Angeles in March."Um, what? How does this make you feel better? "Her mother blamed the attack on the alcohol served at the game, noting that her daughters saw the woman who hit Maggie fall down in the aisle twice."I sure hope this leads to alcohol being banned at games!
  8. That Shake guy, huh? Boy, sometimes I just don't know.
  9. This was me reading the Lebron posts:Then this: Makes a lot of sense, I think. I also read somebody suggesting a Westbrook for Steph Curry deal.
  10. I feel like you should clarify that Doughty isn't grabbing his own balls.
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