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  1. Live tourney. Exactly my line. I folded my KQ face up in an attempt to get him to show. He flipped over KJ and laughed beer breath right in my face. His range was so wide, and I was only beating 2 hands, KJ, K10, I had to fold. People at the table thought I was stupid to fold, but I was pretty sure I was right. I wanted to run it by you guys to gauge how it went down.At the tourney I play in regularly, people often get married to top pair and I've learned that its not as strong as you might think. So I'll often fold it if I think I'm beat.
  2. Blinds 100/200. I have about 9k in chips, which is a little above average. I'm in the BB with KQo, UTG limps in, folds around to the SB who makes the call.No real reads on villain at this point. He is new to table.Flop: K-7-5 rainbow. SB bets 600, Hero calls, UTG raises to 1200. SB folds, Hero calls.Turn:9 Hero checks, UTG bets 3900. Hero: ???
  3. If my opponents had more money, I would have folded. But because they only had so little left over, I figured I couldn't fold for that little to have them show me 2 pair or a set.
  4. Should I have bet more/less on the flop? I felt like if these guys were going to chase, they'd chase no matter what I bet. Even if I put them all in.
  5. At my local 1/2 game, sitting with about 200ish, started with 100. I'm in the BB with J/9 and have 3-4 limpers. The table is pretty LAG, chasing straights/flushes etc. Not a whole lot of solid play going on. Guys just throwing money in and generally having a good time. Flop comes 10-8-Q, with 2 spades. Pot is about 10. I lead for 12 trying to price out the draws and get looked up by KQ, QJ etc. Was this wrong? Did I **** myself by overbetting? I get called by 2 guys in MP.The turn brings the K of spades completing the flush draw, and making my straight second best to AJ. I check, first guy goe
  6. Ok, so maybe I was thinking about it the wrong way. In my experience, I run up against sets with overpairs a lot. I've been busted so many times going all in over the top of a flop raise and perhaps that is clouding my judgment about these situations. With 50% equity, its pretty safe to say that I'll be ahead most of the time in those situations right?
  7. Wow forgot about this when I made my thread. Almost exact same thing happened to me. I just called his raise, and we checked to the river where he showed me his set of 5s.
  8. I felt that if the villain was ready to raise my bet, he was showing some strength. Hes very passive and check called quite a few hands prior. I didn't want to shove there as I seem to run into two pair/sets a lot with an overpair. My big concern was that I called the raise not really knowing what to do on later streets. I'm pretty sure if he bet again, I was going to fold. but I wanted to run it by you guys to see if my thoughts were correct. I haven't been playing very long but due to my personality, I adapt and learn quickly. Hence, I'm pretty sure I've passed 95% of the regulars at this pa
  9. The checks really confused me as for a guy like this one ( who is a pretty passive player so any raise signifies some strength) to raise and then check really made me feel like I was ahead or he was scared about my hand. At this regular tournament, my image is pretty TAG so some of the more passive players will c/c with huge hands knowing i'll be aggressive. So I had the feeling that he was looking to me to bet but wouldn't on his own for whatever reason. I almost went all in on the flop but felt like I show up in the situation a lot, especially at this tournament. Overpair to the board I bet,
  10. I know the villain can make big lay downs because I bluffed him off a hand a few rounds earlier. Folded to me on the button and I raised to 600 (same blind level) with 7/8o. Same villain called from small blind. Flop: A-K-2. He led out with 600 and I raised to 2400 and he snap folded his A10 face up. On this particular hand for him to play back at me with the min-raise seemed to represent a hand that would call an all-in on the flop. I thought about firing again on the turn but when the guy seemed pretty strong and I was worried he was feeling sneaky and trying to let me bet his set/overpair.
  11. Recent live NLHE tournament I was in. Starting stack 10k, blinds at 100/200. Villain and myself have about the same size stacks, I think I have 13k, he still has 10. No real reads on the villain other than he is capable of laying down some big hands to pressure. I get dealt QQ utg. I raise to 800, only the villain calls. Flop: 9-5-2 rainbow. I bet 1600. ( was this too much? I was trying to rep a hand like AQ, AK). Villain raises to 3600. I was little skeptical of the raise as he may be repping an overpair/set, or trying to steal it cheaply ( I wasn't sure). After tanking for a while, I can to
  12. Kinda looks to me that maybe he hit two pair, either a K8 or whatever and felt safe after the flush never showed up to raise. I'm not sure though, as its a little hard to gauge what some people will defend with.
  13. Awesome, thank you. I was thinking along those lines, but just wasn't sure.
  14. Ok, forgive my newbitivity: but this play is profitable because most of the time our hand is ahead of the villains which warrants a shove, right? I guess my real question is why the r/f is so bad? Perhaps I'm just too nitty, but seems like to be in a coinflip here is wasteful and can make or break the tournament for us.
  15. lol love it. So it seems the general consensus is that it should be a 3bet shove pre. No one worries about tangling with the 2nd CL with a tiny shorty still clinging on like an old turd to a dogs ass?
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