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  1. I have had other gambling websites do similar things. When I deposited to matchbook.com, they charged me a few cents less than what I deposited, and when I withdrew from Bodog, they gave me a few cents more.I think it has to do with other people monitoring their transactions (probably banks). If all of their transactions are for XXX.00, it looks sort of fishy, where if it was random amounts of cents, they could make people believe that they are actually selling a product or a service.Each time I deposit using a Visa to a sportsbook or something, usually it has a different company name making
  2. I just thought it was funny how they made such a big deal about how "in shock" PA was.... when it looked more like he was just dozing off as they counted down the stacks. The guy had been playing 24h straight, so I think that makes more sense.
  3. Tried to get a bet in too close to the buzzer. I guess that makes me a Giants fan, since I would hate for the Skins to cover now.
  4. Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
  5. God damnit, I bought both black 6s. I also bet $50 at 4.5-1 on the winning hand being a straight or flush.I feel like I just lost the world series of poker betting.
  6. Imagine if Hellmuth was this likable all the time.... That'd be a scary world.Edit: Moon seems mad with power now. 50 mil ship.
  7. I'm obviously overemphasizing, but if Moon wins, we're ALL getting paid.Here fishy fishy fishy....
  8. Why? Cada has been just as lucky for the final table, and probably quite a bit more, so you can't use that excuse. Moon obviously has less skill with some of the bad plays he made, A4 ship to double Soaut and the non-call of 6 mill on Beglieter or whoever, but I would think that would be better for the poker community.Who cares if another young internet kid who has decent skills wins, but how cool is it if some random nobody with a decent story wins. Moon would get soooooooooooooooooooooooo much more press for the poker community.There ya go, Moon. 144 milly.
  9. There is no way to say this without it seeming like a plug, but at matchbook.com you could wager up to $200 currently on Moon +250. There lines are usually better because it is a betting exchange. You would have to pay 1% to the house, whether you win or lose, so you would have to risk $101 to win $250. Everywhere else I have seen is 2-1.As to whether you should, assuming you didn't bet on anyone else, you should definitely set yourself up for an $1100 freeroll. Too much unexpected stuff can happen (and has already happened at this final table). If the stacks were completely even, no one
  10. Great for everyone, here fishy fishy fishy....And I hate Hollywood Dave and he is completely against Moon.
  11. I honestly hope it does.... anyone but BEGS BEGS BEGS!!! And if he completely lucks the entire final table, it might bring a lot more fishes to the game.
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