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  1. The Phil Laak/Joe Cassidy episode was by far the best show.
  2. This thread is extremely odd to me.1. The responses make it seem like the SNG is a untempered brand new form of poker. Im sure 75% of strat posters are familiar with and have played 10+ SNGs in their life. And its not like theyre so insanely hard that without this thread's system the average strat poster would be lost in a SNG.2. The responses make it seem like steve7stud's concept is completely original and works perfectly. Systems similar to this have been posted on a good number of poker forums and poker websites. Id guesstimate that ive read 3 different articles detailing in one variation
  3. when i go on tilt i usually slice hookers and store them in my freezer.but thats just me.
  4. interesting. so the concensus is calling down?after the check/raise hit me, i realized that i bet that turn without paying attention to the turn card itself. As i was thinking things over in my head AsKs was the only thing that made any kind of sense. If he had JJ he wouldnt bet/call the flop and then check raise the river. I was about 90% sure the check/raise on the turn was a build the pot C/R, and not a bluff/semibluff C/R. If he indeed did have KK, or AA, he would most likely 3 bet the flop as he was fairly aggressive postflop, and could have pegged me for a weaker high pair, or missed ove
  5. wups, fixed my error.now what do you think?
  6. this is my first hand posting in strat!Absolute .5/1 Hold'em (8 handed) Preflop: Hero is MP3 with Q , Q . Villain(UTG) raises, 2 folds, blinky 3-bets, 4 folds, Villain caps, blinky calls. Flop: (4.75BB) 4:diamond:, 9:spade:, 5:spade: (2 players)Villain bets, blinky raises, Villain calls.Turn: (6.75 BB) 7:spade: (2 players)Villain checks, blinky bets, Villain raises, blinky ???villain is 27 / 17 / 1.88, no reads on him as he just sat at the table a few hands before.thoughts?
  7. ill give it a try with SNGs as thats what i know most about:according to sheets, one of the best SNG players on the net your ROI in SNGs goes down considerably going from 4-6 tables to 8 tables. lets use 4 tabling as the best $/hour. lets use a 30 buy-in bankroll requirement and lets say we make 15% ROI (conservative but reasonable estimate at higher stakes where pros play). Using data on SNGs ive played the average one take around 40 minutes or 0.67 hours. according to zeejustins statistics on his quest located here, his average SNG took 0.797 hours or 47.8 minutes. im gonna go with his
  8. i agree.the main reasons to fold IMO are:A) you have almost 0 fold equity, hes going to call no matter what he has unless hes a total donk.B) you lose fold equity for future blind stealing. a stack of 2800 after the blinds is a lot better than a stack of 1900 which you would have if your 83o somehow didnt win.
  9. BR = ~$250 i got $10 free from royal vegas in june and have been slowly workin my way up.i play $5.50 and $11 SNGs, and .50/1 LHE.im about to begin a bonus whoring spree so hopefully it will pop up.
  10. try using imageshack to host the image http://www.imageshack.us/click browse, find where the picture is stored on your computer, then post the code they give you with the tags, and it will show up in the thread.GL
  11. Akishore for mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111congrats guys, daniel made some good choices IMO
  12. http://sng.pokercomment.com/index.asp/thread
  13. let me play devils advocate here: if a guy whos punch drunk sits down at your 20-40 table and starts throwing chips around like theyre nothing calling down with 6 high etc., would you get up and tell yourself you refuse to take money from an incapacitated person.why is that not different from using a program that tells you your opponents' cards? in both cases you are taking advantage of the weak, and using whatever you could to take their money disregarding their feelings. How do you know that in the drunks case he doesnt wake up the next morning with empty pockets and have to come home to
  14. this is the best material ive read about this topic:http://www.pocketfives.com/BE2138FA-CE05-4...00F659DFF7.aspx
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