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  1. 25 left, leading in chips come liven up the table 29724036table 4
  2. obviously, no one cares, but we are down to the final 30....need the power of the fcpers!!! cooold deck last two hours
  3. finally in the money, albeit 26 bucks after over 6 hours. Stack: largest 178225, smallest 0, average 55300 Your current position is 23 out of 10089,000 chips at table 90
  4. Stack: largest 151155, smallest 7868, average 44596 Your current position is 31 out of 124got over 60,000been playing for 5 1/2 hourslong time, but i like the format. well suited for major tourneys.fcp should run some of these. thoughts?at table 90 if you wanna rail
  5. thanks for the support, the post was actually sarcastic due to some of the others i have seen here. i will only post at the ft!!! ood luck to all. tird break, i am still going however....lol
  6. table 128....need support. after 2nd breaK, ABOVE AVG IN CHIPS Stack: largest 47066, smallest 255, average 11866 Your current position is 159 out of 466 Time bank balance is 60 seconds in 12 min blinds 100/200 For more information see Tournament Lobby
  7. This is just my second post ever here, but i just had to ask.....who are you donks to question daniel negreneau's poker skills? If Daniel wants to play golf, so be it, he has earned it. He owes you nothing. He makes his own decisions. What if someone questioned you when you were off work from mowing yards or the fry vat at burger king. Just because Daniel is so open with everyone, gives you no right to question how he spends his time, hell, if you don't like it, go spend time on phil hellmuths web site. wonder how he spends his off time. Can anyone think of another poker pro that has made an e
  8. at scotty nguyens birthday party in tulsa last friday, we talked john phan into going down to the card room and playing some 5/10 nl with $1000 buy in......after an hour or so, he called his buddy scotty to bring more cash. john phan was an awesome pro to be around, we had a great time. i tried to attach a picture of my wife on his left with some of his chips!! email me at kingcovert@yahoo.com if you want pics!!! tried to attach here, but i am a moron.
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