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  1. Erik was steaming but gordon was out of line, hence he apologized for pilling on..I would like to think this is what got all of this started to begin with, i think this was filmed in oct/nov...i remember someone talking about betting the cardinals in another episode.
  2. how about the allin over bet? Do you think that play has evolved over time?
  3. The commentary has came a long way.The flop is obviously 632 in an unraised pot...The guy doing the commentary (Denny Williams i think is his name) says "well there is no way I am going to put someone in the blinds on 45"
  4. You know I read an article in Cardplayer about Alan Goering, and he only min raises, never more, never lessAgain, my whole point was that min raise and the all in overbet have really evolved to mean something very different..imo
  5. I wrote a blog entry a few months ago, that started because of discussion on this forum. It was put on poketfives today. I'd like to know what you guys thought about it.Techniques change; do you?http://www.pocketfives.com/
  6. wonder what book he is reading? I put my money on "Kill Phil". The book is a "how to" on beating players like Daniel. My guess is that people have been using the strategy from that book, and Daniel being the sharp cat that he is, had to find out what the heck it says. It basically says "Don't be stupid enough to take flops with Daniel, just shove all in." As for the golf, I played competitve golf when i was younger, so I got a tip for Daniel (or anyone else).If your trying to be a "bogey" golfer, you need to practice from 100 yards and in. In golf more than 50% of your strokes (45 strokes if y
  7. Xanex? Well that may be the problem. I was eating Xanax like pez about 5 years ago, and i couldn't remember anything, thats one of the side affects of taking too many.
  8. If you don't like Drawing Dead, then keep posting hands in which you min raise. I have a feeling too many more of these and he is going to have a heart attack, or just plain kill himself. So if you don't like him keep it up, me I think the guy is pretty smart, I like having him around.
  9. Wasn't expecting you to say she had AJs, bet you were equally shocked.
  10. good player with good instincts....cool went from good player to donk in two sentencesWhy are you berating your friend? Do you have a finincial intrest here?
  11. If you feel, after the flop comes out, that you can beat the all in, but maybe not the other person in the pot, then try to get heads up. If your in a MTT, you shouldn't discourage anyone from checking it down, if and only if your in the significant portion of the money. Lets say your in a tournament that is paying 50 spots and there are 45 people left. This is to soon to be automatically checking hands down, your not really gaining any positve expectation by doing so.Cash games, all bets are off, do what you need to do to win the pot. Remember though, with someone all in, your going to have t
  12. I hate the play, i don't use it, ever. If you were playing in a sng, there were 4 people left, and you were stealing the short stacks BB, would you consider min raising?
  13. I'd straddle my button every round, if I am reading all this correct. If the button straddles, then the sb will act first both preflop and post flop? Id straddle my button every time. What happens if two people want to straddle. I'd straddle the CO too, if the button wasn't going to straddle. Did the quick move make you think he was just making a predetermained play, or did you think he had a big hand and was excited about it?
  14. I would have check raised the flop, and folded if he reraised me. I wouldn't have made the comment on the turn either.
  15. I would suggest reading Phil Gordon's book "the real deal" it is a great book for players that are just starting out. Here is my #1 tip. It takes a bigger hand to call someones raise than it does to raise the pot yourself. You want to be the person raising, not calling. You don't want to be on the call. If your in there raising, you have 2 ways to win. Your opponent could fold, or you can have the best hand. If you always call you must have the best hand to win.
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