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  1. Update!~ Here's some info on some wsop event satellites Full Tilt Poker: offers 10 weekly satellites to a $2000 package consisting of 3$500 WSOP buy-in chips and $500 in cash. There does NOT appear to be acontractual requirement for you to use the WSOP buy-in chips so you might beable to sell those chips to another player without running afoul of the "termsand conditions" contract of the satellite tournament (please confirm will FullTilt Poker). Also offers a weekly satellite to a $1500 package consisting of a$1000 buy-in to the Ladies event and $500 cash for women ONLY.Bodog: offers 20
  2. I hope you citizens of WA can play hold'em in casinos at least because what else do you have left now? Play money cash games? BULLS#IT!I just tipped my 40 for my peeps in WA looks like i'm going to half to x20 my playing online before this happens to all of us. I hope this really isn't a trend to start up now, starting with WA I'm gettin paranoid now.
  3. Thanks alot for the info Jsull! This is exactly the info I was talking about. That's good to know bodog are running these $50 sats for wsop events. I wish I would've seen this thread earlier before puttin the 50$ I deposited on bodog because they have a sportsbook and UFC 60 was playin that night. I never played poker there, but I think I'm going to have to for the WSOP Satellites.Any other sites or games you guys know of?add to the list
  4. yes i have it, I'll have to tell you about it later though.Sorry my ride is here!
  5. Hello everyone, I haven't been here in ages! I hope the long time members on this site are doing well and the new ones are doing just as good.Playing a wsop event in 2005, a $1500 NLE was a great experience and time for me. I met a ton of pros, but I don't think that it was a wise choice to enter it because it was my whole bankroll pretty much! I went there with 3k and 2k was my bankroll I had made from $100 playing poker.Anyhoo.. I great way to get into WSOP events would be to enter a Satellite and try and get through to win an entry. Especially for people that don't have a $100,000+ ba
  6. I emailed Poker Tracker support and they said it is a high priority to get it compatible with Doyles Room, so Just keep on email him and askin him when will it finally be available! 8) support@pokertracker.com
  7. big props for Raymer, glad he got the chips from her.ya think long you think wrong
  8. topic of this should be called clip of game, before floorman smacks the camera out of my hand......... Meh..
  9. I feel your pain iveyfan, since this is why I haven't been around here very often, which also sucks since I left when they charter member was in effect and I've been a member since the begining. So no hook ups for my arse.I miss the vets!
  10. how is the poker at green valley ranch?
  11. Instead of that I say....The defense, such as evidence or argument, that serves to justify a claim or deed.
  12. no, I'm not planning to do any crap like a bot. I want to show him how to play by giving him a easy and discriptive site. Then after he learns the basics, I'll direct him to a poker site to play for play money until he understands the game. He doen't want to play poker, I just want him to understand how the game is played.I talk to him via messenger and it's kinda hard explaining how to play the game word for word, I site to show him the basics would be great especially a site with pictures and easy to understand.
  13. I'm werkin on a little poker program with someone and it would really help, if he knew how to play the game, because he doesn't really know what I mean when I'm telling him about blinds,position how it's actually played.This would make the process on making the program way more easier. Since he lives overseas it's hard for me to tell him how it's all done.Any help on this would be greatly appreciated
  14. I'm sure you all have a home game that you all play at, and it's somewhat has a poker feel to it with poker decorations and knick nacks. I wanted to add something to my buddys room and wanted it to be something kewl and different from all the rest of the stuff.Any idears? This could be a thread we could all direct people to when they post this topic up. feedback appreciated
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