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  1. I have played there for 3 years. Graphics are the best on the net. competition in general is soft and the play is loose. pre flop raises are usually 5-6 times the big blind which makes for huge pots. the 500nl table has some very good players but also many donks and you can clean up if you are a good player. There are not many players, usually around 600 max. you get to know your opponents very quickly.
  2. If you check here then I think you need to re-evaluate your game. You do have many outs but still only 10 high. You must bet here and either take it down or call the re-raise and hope to hit. I don't think any pro in the world would check in this situation but I am not a pro so I could be wrong.
  3. http://cardplayer.com/poker_news/detail.ph...24fedb7387600d8This must not be true if he is playing. Maybe he was just mad and on tilt from the beating ted game him/.
  4. ted forrest took him for couple million and he said he is done with poker. he even pulled out of the national heads up challenge
  5. Only took 2 days to get the video. Finally an interactive instructional video. Great video to go back to and watch when your running bad and just need to get back to basics or advance your game with the advance section. Great job Daniel and anyone thinking about it I would highly recommend.
  6. if you can get so bent out of shape by a hand that you lost where you were basically 50/50 to win throughout the entire hand, then maybe you should take a break from the felt.I think your right. But really now the way I played the hand even though it was basicly 50/50 drives me crazy even thinking about his calls.
  7. It sounds like you're not playing beginners/bad players correctly. Not sure how you think you can play with the big boys if you can't beat the midgets.Ok I get what you are saying but sometimes one hand can kill my mind for weeks. The latest was at a 2-5 with $500 buy in ring game. I have jj 2 off the button and raise to 15. I get 2 callers. Flop is 259 with 2 hearts. I lead out with 45 dollars and get 1 call. Turn is the jack of hearts. I bet out 85 and the guy calls. River is a heart(don't remember the card). Guy put's in his last 25 bucks and obviously i call and he shows aq with
  8. Anyone ever feel like this?Yup!! I am not really sick of poker it's more of being sick of bad poker players. You get used to the bad beats but the bad play seems to be getting brutal lately. I would rather play with players who know at least some of the advanced techniques in poker rather than some beginner. And I can't go up high enough in limits to get away from these bad players. Just getting annoying.
  9. I'm still in and the Revere courses in Henderson are pretty good.
  10. Is it possible to get rakeback on a site you already have an account with?
  11. detailsever heard of google?Sure I have heard of google. Nothing with this guys name though seems to be relevant.
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