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  1. Does anyone have any of the torrents for other episodes. If so could i please have a link to all of them.
  2. where is the search for user at i cant seem to find it
  3. i liked cgc tilt push at your table
  4. i dont believe he is broke the guyis crazy good
  5. so it doesnt come out until march right? how long will the 10 dollar off number be up for?
  6. does anyone have pt stats on him
  7. who is bob i have never heard of him
  8. why can people play so bad at this limit its sick
  9. how many bets did jerry cold call with the qj rofl
  10. when is the tourny that phil won yesterday airing on tv anyone know?
  11. it was live that is why the apoligized for it after the break
  12. exactly thats why poker is so great because anyone can play if they do this there going to ruin the game.
  13. murphy played a wsop circuit i remember reading ivey busted him lol it may have been a wpt event i know he played another big one after wsop
  14. can anyone link me to the hellmuth commentry or was it just done live only?
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