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  1. I have to leave because I actually have a lot of work to do. I'll try to pop in whenever I can. I receive e-mail notifications when I receive a pm, so if you ever need to get a hold of me for whatever reason, that works.Pearl Jam, my favorite band, played here last night, but I didn't have tickets. They were going for over $500 on ebay. I've seen them several times before though, so I didn't think I should be paying that much. Anyway, I leave you with some lyrics:and now i rub my eyes, for he has returnedseems my preconceptions are what should have been burnedfor he still smiles... and he
  2. Sooo, need me to find anything for you guys before I leave again?
  3. Hi Lolli, hope you've been doing well. Good point.
  4. Good to hear. Haha. If Mex was here I would've expected a joke saying he could get its legs open, girl or boy.
  5. Sorry, I'm just popping in. Caleb brought me out of retirement. Thank you.
  6. Haha, that made me laugh. , the good ol' days face: I've just been working a lot while getting home earlier. It's a weird thing. My wife just had an ultrasound, but the baby's legs were closed, so we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl. Jowest, a member here, has been helping me look for a new job. He just sent me an e-mail with a good lead on one, so we'll see what happens with that. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow though, so it won't be an immediate thing.One of these days I'll go back and read through all that I've missed. I missed hanging out here with you guys.
  7. Aww, thanks, I missed you too. I was just on to change my avatar for my birthday and saw that you posted. Seemed like a good time for a pop-in. I can't really stay.Yes, they are. She's four months and has only gained four pounds. I think it's all in her boobs. A couple of women at her work have said, "You don't even look pregnant, it just looks like you got a boob job."
  8. I appreciate all the kind words. Dustin had it correct; for every minute I spend on here, it's a minute taking away from my work. Then I fall behind and have to stay late one night. I understand doing things in moderation; however, I have tried that and have failed miserably. What can I say? I love this place. There have been days where I would stay away until lunch, figure I'll spend an hour on, and then four o'clock rolls around before I know it. You guys were way too entertaining for me to stay away. I don't have the willpower like Chris somebody who actually has willpower.So thanks
  9. OK guys, time to share the bad news. This is the last I will be posting here. You may have noticed that I wasn't here yesterday. That is because my wife and I spent the day together and we talked about a lot of stuff. One of the things that came up is that I am neglecting my work too much because of the time I spend on here. And that is all true. I made a promise that I wouldn't go on here anymore and I would focus more on work and on her. I'm sure this sounds like Caleb part 2, but you'll probably remember that I was on his side on that one, so it shouldn't shock you that I am doing th
  10. Not true at all. And it was Susie hugging Hobbes. That was a joke though.
  11. Well, my mom just called; it was her birthday yesterday, so I have to go. Just dropping in to say crap.
  12. Now the Dodgers just have to beat Liriano and Santana. Piece of cake.
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