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  1. What a FREAKIN joke, I cashed out on the 21st of January and still NOTHING. Been emailing back and forth and they say they are experiencing a high volume of cashout requests and my money i safe, yeah OK. WU btw.
  2. I don't eve have the option for click2pay, and how the hell does Western Union work?
  3. So people can actually play in the states that aren't allowed to play, but it would just be illegal? I was thinking that the site didn't allow those states altogether, and that you actually couldn't sign in when you play there.
  4. Well I have about 1800 raked hands I have to play by the 26th and I'm wondering if I'll be able to do it, or just give up on it. So it sounds like nobody really knows what the answer is? Some say yes, some say no.
  5. I'm going up to visit my mom in Washington state for a few days, which is obviously one of the banned online poker states. Do you guys think that if I signed up in AZ on a site, but try to play on the same site in Washington, that they'll let me play? It's on the Prima network btw.
  6. Villain is 65/1/.26 after 70ish hands.Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is MP1 with Q♣ Q♥2 folds, Hero raises, 4 folds, SB calls, BB folds.Flop: T♠ 7♥ K♣ (5SB, 2 players)SB checks, Hero bets, SB calls.Turn: 8♣ (3.5BB, 2 players)SB checks, Hero bets, SB calls.River: 9♣ (5.5BB, 2 players)SB checks, Hero checks.Results:Final pot: 5.5BBI probably should have value bet the river because of his non aggro nature, but I guess I was scared of getting check raised like I have been getting a brazillion times. Also, I figured he might have been calling down with a garbage K.
  7. Ok, just making sure everybody got their money, because I'm a dumbass and did a ton of transactions in about a week, and I didn't keep track of all of them, so I'm not sure if everything got back into my bank account. I'm just skeptical because my bank account is way lower than it should be, so I think I MIGHT have been shafted for 500-1K. Probably not, but I'm just asking around from other ppl. Thanks guys.
  8. Looks to me like he has you beat, I fold basically instantly, maybe on the turn.
  9. OK, so basically I'll Raise obviously AA-JJ, usally TT early, play and usually raise early with AKs AQs KQs KJs. Do you advise folding KQ KJ AQ unsuited early? These tables are complete TAG and with a couple LAG as it gets. As we speak I just lost QQ to KK with me 3 betting preflop with QQ preflop and an A on the flop. I bet the whole way and he called. I feel like a left handed red headed step child right now.
  10. I really really appreciate everything but I'm pretty drunk right now so I'll post my answers to your questions tomorrow. For now, here are the positional stats.
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