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  1. Daniel, did you ask Phil Hellmuth to type this up for you ?? Not very classy, my friend. Hope you didn't act like this at the tables.It's not donkeys winning tournments that tarnishes poker's image - it's people acting like this and saying these types of things during tournaments. You are better than this DN.Maybe time to take a few years off and work on your golf game until your head and heart are in the right place (WWJD ?)God Bless.
  2. Ha ha. You da man Daniel. Belated happy Easter. God bless ....
  3. I've been using Click2Pay with no issues ....
  4. Overall, Florida sucks when it comes to poker.The only thing close to decent are the tourneys at the Hard Rock Casinos (one in Tampa, and one in Ft. Lauderdale)Their multi-table tourneys range from $100 to $1100 buyins, depending on the day of the week.But if you're going to be in Jacksonville, that would be way out of the way for you.
  5. At Final table of 2k PL Holdem Tourney
  6. I hear that QJo and 69 are big hands on there .....
  7. OK .... I feel a little better now Thanks for the helpful replies everyone.
  8. My first post .... flame away.Anyway, trying to cashout at Bodog ($2,000). Made the request 8 business days ago - still nothing.Called them and they couldn't even provide a tracking number.Anyone have a similar experience ??
  9. I was curious to watch this after seeing everyone ragging on Jamie Gold. The guy's ethics are certainly questionable, but I gotta say he played an amazing tournament. Beating a field of 8,700 + players is incredible by any standards - you can't do that on luck alone. The guy's ability to f*ck wiht other players is second to none.
  10. I played down there a few weeks ago in their Friday tourney - lasted a couple of hours at a super aggressive table. The $140 SNG was pretty good, but the blind structure is pretty aggressive, so be prepared to play fast. Avoid the "Poker Pro" $65 tourney - it's a computer version of a poker table, and kind of a waste of time from what I could tell.Lots of dead money in the cash games, although the limit is low ($ 1-2).Good Luck.
  11. Starting Oct. 19th, I'm getting 3 days of training from her. Should be cool....
  12. I hit one a couple of months ago in a MTT with 270 players on my first hand. Gave me the momentum to go on and win the tourney. It was a rebuy / addon tourney on UB - I never rebought or added on.My brother-in-law was playing at Bellagio a couple of weeks ago in the 1000+60 tourney. First hand he flopped quad Jacks, got pushed all-in by some punk with AK of hearts, and the punk hit his royal on the river. Will post the details of this sick hand in the Bad Beat forum.
  13. I like the way Mike Caro puts it (paraphrase):The latest lab research suggests that cards lack the mental capacity to reposition themselves in the deck. And even if they had it, their little muscles are too weak to pull it off .....
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