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  1. What happened to this forum? There used to be some strategy a few years ago. This is my first time on here in awhile and it's like a ghost town now.
  2. PokerStars has the bar none the best rewards program online:I'm at 47% rakeback on the year + great customer service + no fees for deposits/cashouts (FTP takes everything out of your rakeback) + Quarterly Supernova Freeroll (120k to first); there are a bunch of other stuff to.Daniel is a pro on Stars, I'm surprised he doesn't correct people about the VPP program.
  3. You ended up going with the worst software out there. It is literally light years behind HoldemManager or PokerTracker 3. Think Nintendo 64 vs XBox 360
  4. For NLHE 6 max, the best is LeggoPoker AINEC. BlueFirePoker is also gold just because of Phil Galfond; every video he makes is the new best video ever
  5. I made the money. Haha.... 3 hours for a 100 bucks profit. I wasn't playing tight either on the bubble.
  6. When should I start push botting. 400-800 40ante and I have 10k. most of the table is short so will prob call
  7. Does anyone 3 bet in light in tourneys besides me?
  8. EVERYDAY at 7 PST they are running at 100 buyin 100k tourny. Only reason I played was the huge overlay. If people find out about it though, there won't me an overlay
  9. Doubled up with A-K vs. 7-7. Have no clue what he was thinking.
  10. Big overlay today. Card dead and I keep pressing the rebuy button thinking I'm in a cash game. My only hand was 10-10 and the flop came with an A and K. Tournys suck.
  11. PearlJammer is supposed to be good right? He is at my table. This should be fun.
  12. It has changed tonight. I was hoping for the latter since it requires less tourny skill. Meh. I'm SheWntLtGo, what's your name?
  13. So it's basically a SNG. Meh, it's only a 100 bucks
  14. I run 23/18 in 6 max cash games. Is that to loose?
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