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  1. I'll do my best to keep this away from a bad beat whine. Started grinding SnG's about 8 months ago, had about $150, managed my roll well, stuck to 100+ buyins of whatever level I was at and have not strayed away from it. Worked my way up to about $750 just prior to the SCOOP, played a bit of the SCOOP, and started this sick run I'm on there. Took a break for a few weeks. Tried again, and long story short, I've blown off EVERYTHING that I added to my roll in the last 200 SnG's or so, sitting at about $190 again. Nothing is working right now, feels like I've lost EVERY 60/40 and 75/25, espe
  2. On account of my being related to him, I'm going with Nick Boynton, when the Cup comes to (almost) my hometown
  3. Hahaha yeah, been watching this doozy for a little while now. Is #14 for the Habs Plekanec? Cause whoever it is, he is Mike Richards' bitch. The video does raise a discussion-worthy point though, one that isn't just "Eff the habs" banter. ARE the Habs futures looking as bleak as the video would suggest?
  4. If I may refer you here I still remember watching this one, I was quite the youngin' then and it was way past my bedtime
  5. As far as I can recall, Cory Cross only ever had one goal in a Leaf uniform, kinda depends when he decides to bust the one goal out
  6. Now THIS is some hardcore pool action. Although your calculations fail to take into account the 11-point night that Toews will be having in game 1 I've never wanted to see a high-scoring, goalie-pulling series this bad before.
  7. Kane won't ever be making any of my "well-liked lists", and that's just because of the cabbie-punching incident. Tough to pick the youngsters though because they've had less time to shape their images than guys like Francis/Yzerman, and how about Ray Bourque?
  8. So I've been balls-deep in personal shit for like, the entire playoffs, and literally haven't followed ANY of my pools. Safe to say, I'm not.......completely unsatisfied with where I'm at going into the Finals here, considering how badly the 'Nucks disappointed me :DSafe to say, Giroux was absolutely the mother of all sleeper picks for me in the eighth round, and Toews has been nothing short of a juggernaut, and I really don't expect either to fade out. That said......20 between them in 6 or 7 games? Probably too tall an order.Plus Biatch and Wayne both have me worried I'm really sincerely
  9. Brind'Amour is a solid choice, and I'd throw Linden and Lidstrom out there as well.And for a little controversy, Sundin?
  10. Any chance your Conn Smythe prediction isn't Crosby at this juncture?
  11. I'd say probably just tandems that play regularly together. Both being centres, Crosby/Malkin RARELY see time together, although that certainly isn't to say that isn't a potent combination as well.Edit: I might be forseeing a SJ Sharks argument coming up soon. I realize Thornton/Heatly/Marleau is a massive line, but I'm still convinced Joe Thornton is the worst player on his team past March.
  12. I think Hank has a higher PPG Avg than Daniel, but it's a TINY margin. Daniel's goals/game is a fair bit higher though. He could've MAYBE hit 40 goals this year if he'd played 82.Here's a question for you all now. If you could take any pair in the league to form 2/3 of your top line, who do you take? (I'm going for just the top 2 because lets face it, if you're the third on these lines, you get 60 points by default) Sedin/Sedin, Ovie/Backstrom come to mind this season in light of all the milestones being hit. Are there any other tandem's even CLOSE? Stamkos/St. Louis? Bozak/Kessel?
  13. I do think Cooke is a cheapshotting POS pest, but I'm gonna show him some love here. He got up, refused the stretcher and skated off on his own after getting KTFO fair and square. I very strongly doubt you'd see the other clowns like Avery or Kaleta take it like a man. Knew he'd just gotten what he had coming to him I think.
  14. What an obscene goal. Why didn't the Leafs get the Sedins
  15. Last pick just means that I get first crack at the role players while you chumps are still falling over eachother for superstars.Sunday, 8pm EST, MSN, $25 to sergetoronto on Stars? Looks solid.
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