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  1. you guys make it sound like I am retarded, I was just looking for suggestions, thats all, thanks for the wise *** comments
  2. I'm gonna have a little shorthanded tournament, 4-5 people, in my dorm room tomorrow night. I usually start everyone with $2,000 in chips. 20 x $25, 10 x $100 and 1 x $500. Anyone have a better chip structure suggestion? Just lookin for some new ideas maybe.
  3. ya if you guys read any of DN's blogs, he says its 100k cap, idiots
  4. It's $100k cap, think about playing a hand against someone with a million in chips and getting it all in, too crazy, 100k keeps the action big
  5. http://flamevault.com/~etaipo/BitTorrent/t...p06.avi.torrent
  6. wow this is ridiculous, still not downloading
  7. man I still can't get the download going, whats the deal,its never taken this long for the other episodes
  8. still waiting to start downloading....
  9. anyone downloading this torrent?? nothing for me so far, this sucks
  10. http://flamevault.com/~etaipo/BitTorrent/t...p05.avi.torrent
  11. How was the episode tonight? someone put up the torrent
  12. http://www.flamevault.com/~etaipo/BitTorre...p04.avi.torrent
  13. I'm looking to start doing props with whoever wants to at my home game. Anyone that does this already, do you write down all the props and have it there at the game or what? lemme know
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