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  1. 16 years later, this thread is still hilarious. Good afternoon, this would be the necrobump of all necrobumps. Somehow I even remembered my password!
  2. I can find a fold preflop faster than a repop.
  3. *********** # 28 **************PokerStars Game #25794404810: Hold'em No Limit ($0.01/$0.02) - 2009/03/09 19:55:07 MT [2009/03/09 21:55:07 ET]Table 'Margarita IX' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: z0kstr ($3.37 in chips) Seat 2: Zveinieks ($1.66 in chips) Seat 3: ku12 ($3.04 in chips) Seat 4: abregu2006 ($2.69 in chips) Seat 5: gpineo ($1.16 in chips) Seat 6: sugoak ($4.66 in chips) Seat 8: rndm ($2.29 in chips) Seat 9: Pure420 ($3.35 in chips) sugoak: posts small blind $0.01rndm: posts big blind $0.02*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to gpineo [Ac Jc]Pure420: folds z0kstr: folds Zveinieks: calls $0.02
  4. I'm sorry, I can't reply due the OP's sig.
  5. LOL Hi.. Name's Kendren. Been at another forum for the last few years. Still checked in here now and again... XXEddie knows of me, I think. Never been much of a strat poster, never felt my vast $5er and .25/.50 experience would help anybody. Thought I'd chime in on a couple questions here recently, though.I hope to chime in some more around here.. OH and O/8 have always been the redheaded stepchildren around here. Keep fightin the good fight!
  6. Truly. I voted check/fold. It's the classic trap... sure, you got the nuts now, but any low is freerolling you. Leading out will earn you much more information, and possibly give you control of the pot. But with the pot size, c/f is the best option.
  7. I agree with you, we want to get as many chips in there as possible. We'd also like to possibly fold out someone with a better hi right here on the flop, otherwise you're getting your chips in hoping not to be quartered. While I would like to see a pot on that flop after the action, I can see an argument to build the pot by flatting. But to me, pot>>>>>>>>>>>>>>call>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fold. Minraising doesn't figure in there.
  8. I would think it would be fairly obvious why. What are you hoping to accomplish? If you're trying to control the pot, why are you raising? If you're trying to fold A8xx or A5xx, why aren't you potting? You've reopened the action to the flop raiser.. if the better or the raiser 4-bets, are we calling? If we are, why not try to gain control, maybe fold the flop better, and pot this? If we're going to fold to a 4-bet, why did we raise at all? Idiocy.
  9. min 3-bet = idiocy. Pure donkerificness. I would pot the flop, and if they wanted to play 4 rollz, sweet.
  10. Hand 1: LOL overplayaments.Hand 2: Anal rapage.Conclusion: Hit the bong, sleep it off, try again.
  11. This is your brain on drugs anf Tilt.Any questions?
  12. In my experience in $5 FTP STTs (which is about all I play), you have 2 types of player that will do this out of the BB. They'll call your PF raise with ATC, and lead at any flop (I saw it on TV!), and are willing to fold to a pop. Then you have those that have seen those players, and think you'll pop them with your decent hand while they're sitting with a monster. By your description, if you've figured him for loose, I'd cal him the former. Raise the flop to 700, I'm not enamored with an all-out shove. If he wants to play for all his chips, you still have enough left behind at this level to m
  13. If your numbers are at all true, you have to be up against a set here. l/c/c pre, 2 bets each called on flop, popped the turn when FD presents.. EDIT: I could see calling down to check your sample numbers. I wouldn't call that bad play. But I'm certain we're beat here.
  14. Or high five the dog, your mom, your Chewbacca figurines.. whomever, just get it in there. wp, forget the guy who berated you as a fish when you hit against his set.
  15. You lost to a true believer. The SIK (93o) is the best starting hand in poker.
  16. I disagree with this. If CO has an A or K and one of the MPs calls with any pair, we're not in real decent shape. pokenum -h ah ks - ad 8c - 7c 7d Holdem Hi: 1370754 enumerated boardscards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EVKs Ah 490367 35.77 852162 62.17 28225 2.06 0.3688c Ad 247890 18.08 1094639 79.86 28225 2.06 0.1917c 7d 604272 44.08 763359 55.69 3123 0.23 0.442Worst case, one of them has us destroyedpokenum -h ah ks - qs 5d - ac as Holdem Hi: 1370754 enumerated boardscards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EVKs Ah 79536 5.80
  17. Kendren


    I haven't prayed in a long time, but I'll take this and run with it. Beautiful.Keep your faith, Daniel. We're all with you.
  18. I agree with this, you're not going to find too many at this level raising that. You're more likely to be getting raised by air than a weak ace, and neither are very common. And if they're going to raise the flop with Ax spades, why would they not 3-bet shove the turn? Spades make no sense here.
  19. What combination of spades raises that flop? You'd be incredibly UL if he had A9s. I like the line.
  20. Behind: AQ-AJ, 22-88, MAYBE AT-A9Ahead calls: Small pair, weak K?
  21. Absent the info asked for above, it's a fold, and it's not close.From the language of your post, tho, you called, he showed likely Q9 or A9, and hit, right?
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