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  1. Here is the HH of the specific hand I believe was the hand that I made a big mistake that did cost me a better finish in the tournament.Let me know what you think.PokerStars Game #26226385950: Tournament #147626768, $2.00+$0.20 Hold'em No Limit - Level XVII (1500/3000) - 2009/03/22 1:38:27 MT [2009/03/22 3:38:27 ET]Table '147626768 218' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: cvf0630 (284334 in chips)Seat 2: kalypah (31458 in chips)Seat 3: TheStriker86 (157772 in chips)Seat 4: gpineo (151349 in chips)Seat 5: 1964mikey (162640 in chips)Seat 6: 1poolfool1 (134072 in chips)Seat 7: zeeslady (19836 in c
  2. Ya jmbreslin I think I will continue on this path to my poker success
  3. Well,I guess I can play poker.I entered in a $1.10 - 2000 guaranteed prize pool tournament on PokerStars. There were 4113 entries and I finished 35th.I made one mistake and I will post the hand tonight when I get home for you to view and see what you guys think of my play. I was about 5th in chips at the time. I lost 3/4 of my chips on this hand and couldn't recover to get back in the game.I ended up all-in with J's and was busted by A's.Very please with this result. It's 1% of the total entries and felt I played very well over the time. Was my longest time playing in one sitting so I thi
  4. Well....My first SnG was a 9 player 1.20 and I placed 2nd. Lost on the final hand, chips were even and I had AJ. Other guy was on the button. He called I raised approx 4x bb and he re-raised me all-in. Instanta call and he showed 6To. Flop hit his 6 and I never caught up.Oh well pleased with my play don't think I did anything wrong in the final hand it's Poker.More updates on my progress.gpineo
  5. Well all this advice and what to do I think what I would like to do is concentrate on the game that I feel comfortable with.What I am going to do is play SNG's & MTT mostly and then play a couple session a week in Cash Games to just mix things up.I have been running Poker Tracker on Trial basis and I looked at the figures and I am having better success in the SNG's then the Cash Games so I think that tell me something right there.I don't want to stop getting the advice from you Cash players at all cause I eventually want to improve that part of my game also.What advice do I need to know
  6. Nosoul, Sen-Eh & Jmbreslin,The comments are good but now I am getting conflicting information. I know each person has there own opinion and I respect that.My issue here is three fold.1.) Learning the correct fundamentals to improve my game.2.) Learing the proper pre & post flop play.3.) After applying 1 & 2 to increase my bankroll from micro and work my way up to playing bigger limits.So which of the three game types (cash, tournaments, sng's) will help with those three points.To let you know in the past two nights I have played 360 Player SnG for 0.10 cents and I have placed 32nd
  7. Tks for the advice,I was wondering that same piece of advice. I want to increase my bankroll but I don't want to lose it either and if I am playing 10 cent 360 player SnG's I won't be losing much and gaining tons of hand time and also experience. But there isn't much bankroll increase to this format.If I go cash game I can still get my hand and also experience but I could also win/lose an amount more then one buyin to a SnG.Not sure which one I would like to put my time into. At my home game we only play tournaments but when I go the Casino (not often) I play 1/2 NL. So I think I am answer
  8. Mentors,I think this post is helping my game.Last night I played in a 360 player $0.10 NL SnG and finished 32th. I think that is the best I have finished in a tournament that size. I ended up in the money I applied the suggestions and was very patient and played positional poker.What I see now is that I might be getting to patient and I am getting blinded out waiting for the premium cards in position and then I have to make a move to stay alive. I seem to be blow average stack most of the tournament. Because I am only playing premium hands I am basically getting what I call card dead.
  9. Got some bad news.I am down 3.54 tonight and I am not please with my results and play.Thought I was playing well but got into situations that I had to make decisions and I think I made the incorrect choices.Played less then 25% of my hands and I was trying to be agressive when I had good starting hands. But I think I was playing again out of position.Have included my HH again. I would like to pick some hand that I think I am not sure of but the whole session was not good.I know that my bad habits won't go away in three sessions so more practice is required.Any thought about what I did wrong
  10. Yes I am expecting there is going to be ups and downs but I am trying to stop playing stupid poker and make more ups then downs. And the advice everyone have given me here so far I hope I can apply to make there more ups and I can eventually say thanks to everyone by applying the instructions and advice to success with my poker game.Once I get solid enough that I know my fundamentals are sound and I am playing proper poker I will for sure post hands that I am not sure if I was correctly executing.gp.
  11. jmbreslin,Well I am aware that it's only 50 hands of play. At this point I am trying to apply what has been instruction and see what works for me and get feedback from my play each session I have.Is the saying "You have to walk before you can run" Well I was in an accident and I have to learn how to walk again Thanks for the feedback I will make longer sessions once I feel I have the concepts and methodology down that I am not making stupid plays in the wrong positions.
  12. Sens-EhThat is great feedback and I will definently take a read of this a few times and try to apply what you are instructing.I was actually reading it while I played tonights session and tried to apply some of your suggestions.I will take feedback like this anyday.Thanks and I look forward to future feedback.
  13. Another Session Update - 03/11/09During current Hold'em session you were dealt 50 hands and saw flop: - 6 out of 7 times while in big blind (85%) - 1 out of 7 times while in small blind (14%) - 6 out of 36 times in other positions (16%) - a total of 13 out of 50 (26%) Pots won at showdown - 1 of 1 (100%) Pots won without showdown - 8PokerTracker on my session of 50 hands.VP: 16 / PR: 12 / AF: 14.0Buyin 5.00 - Cashout 6.14. - 1.14.I think this is working what you have been teaching me fellow posters (Teachers). I played even more tighter tonight and was also focusing on position. I will incl
  14. Those stats you have presented Cloverstorm were stats before lastnight. I have taken the advice of other poster on my subject and tried to apply them last night. If you read the previous reply you can see the improvement. Yes I know it's only one session but I think I have taken the advice and tried to apply it to my game and I think coming out a winner is a good thing. Now all I have to do is become consistent on my play from the advice and I will become a winning game.You suggested good books/articles. Would you have any examples that I should look into?Thanks
  15. Ok everyone who has given me great comments on my HH.Here is tonights stats.During current Hold'em session you were dealt 56 hands and saw flop: - 4 out of 6 times while in big blind (66%) - 0 out of 6 times while in small blind (0%) - 10 out of 44 times in other positions (22%) - a total of 14 out of 56 (25%) Pots won at showdown - 3 of 3 (100%) Pots won without showdown - 6I played 0.01/0.02 NL Cash Game on PokerStars. My buy-in was 5.00 and finished the session with 6.60. I had PokerTracker loaded and running for the whole session but not sure what I should post here for you to view how
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