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  1. just bet the turn please. then bet the river.
  2. nvr mind. didn't notice what forum this was in.
  3. i guess just raise the flop. any big heart (might raise), straight draw or pair will come along. on the flip side, there are a number of cards that will cause folds.
  4. i: fold, raise, raise, raise, call.i think all a standard except #2, but i din't like the call. i've played a little rush and it does seem tighter and just poor overall. i think with this read 4 is a raise for a few reasons.
  5. you guys need to get a life. i'd rail, but i got a 6 pack and some porn i need to finish off in my basement.
  6. she's getting at least 7.5-1 and then 10.5-1 on the flop calls. She only needs about 5-1 to call. So even if she is expecting a flop cap, she's fine. you played it ok. tbh, i think 3 betting preflop is best. you're fine equity wise if its vs 5 opponents, and if you get a few folds that's good to. if she's that nitty, you can just call her river raise. she's probably raising the turn with 22,55, 88, 98. She's not raising Qx and probably not even 2 pair on the river.
  7. Golf has got to be the only activity where so many people who are truly clueless have no problem offering their unsolicited opinion on how to improve more than what occurs in poker.
  8. Didn't he retire with his millions and take up surfing fulltime?
  9. Depends what you mean as bankroll. At the table, it doesn't matter as long as you have at least 12 BB's on the table for a given hand. 50 bets should be fine and you should probably take a walk if you drop that. If by bankroll, you mean this is the only money you have available for poker, 500-1000BBs. And don't be afraid to drop down if it gets bad.
  10. At this level w/o any reads, I think this would be a terrible place for a bluff raise. He raised pf and called this flop. If he's retarded enough to peel an underpair on this flop, i think you need to bet the turn. Otherwise, I don't think you're never getting a better hand to fold after checking the turn. And I think most Kx or Jx have hit at least 2 pair on that board. Ax is never folding with this line.Good idea. Wrong situation.
  11. If you do want to still dabble at full ring, try starting up a table. The first few players that sit are usually loose passives and people who like to gamble. They tend to continue to play loose after the table fills, also. Obviously, you should be comfortable playing shorthanded for a little bit.
  12. 66 can be tough to play post flop vs 2 players, but I think it's still a raise pf. Villians basically have any mediocre to bad hands. We have a big edge here. I think I like a donk on this flop. It would be bad to have this checked through. I like the turn. Are you not c/r certain cards?
  13. Misclick, right?A week ago, I was so focused on whether I had a good spot to semi-bluff the turn heads up, instead of c/r the flop, with two overs + a gutshot, when I got 3 bet on the turn, I got frazzeled and folded the river, not noticing that I hit my gutter. (/run on sentence)I guarantee that won't happen again. At least not this week.
  14. This is tough. I think I'd need to be in the flow of the game to give advice. You've taken a strong line and were c/r on the river. Actually you do split with a lot of Ax. I think I play it the same.
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