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  1. interesting. I've always heard he doesn't tip and then he was here in STL about 3 weeks ago for the HPT event(played quite a bit of cash too) I asked the dealers and they confirmed he did not tip at all
  2. why does Phil Hellmuth not tip in cash games? is there a specific reason you know of or even a theory?also, it seems you have come to grips with the fact that you are balding. why did you deny it for so long?
  3. i was not commenting on anything related to the scramble he was playing in...purely commenting on his swing...if all he does is play scrambles then I guess it doesnt really matteri should have known better than to bring this up to a bunch of DN nut huggers as my target audience was DN himself
  4. so your full swing is better than your 3/4 swing? only a celebrity of your stature would have an ego big enough to believe that...you need Christian to help rid you of that reverse pivot and start loading your power into a firm right side on the back swing.....but he is juuuuuuuuuuuust fine as a teacher, so what do i know?sorry to be so negative, but I would think a teacher who knows the swing well would try to eliminate these very fundamental flaws early on in the relationship
  5. Your swing is horrible...no wonder you don't hit the ball anywhere
  6. okay thanks, i didnt know if anybody had a "system" of some sorts
  7. Maybe a strange question but I was just curious. Obviously, you need to eat, pay the mortgage, and handle other expenses...do players typically cash out a % of their profit on a monthly or bi-weekly basis? Or how do most players typically do this while maintaining/growing their bankroll at the same time?
  8. then please do yourself a favor and contact your father immediately. I know it will be very tough to tell him I'm sure but you need to rectify this situation asap
  9. you need to do 1 of 2 things....plan A is tell your dad and hope he can bail you out of this jam for the time being until you can pay him back or plan B is to get a part time job and work out some type of payment plan with Stars and Tilt(I don't know if they do or would be willing to do this)I think Plan B would be ideal if it is feasible as every hour that you work at that job, it would remind you of the mistake you made so that you do not make it againgood luck
  10. I'm hoping to see YTD results of player's winnings at certain limits....1/2 NL Holdem to be exact
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