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  1. How is the order of the cards determined in the "last hand" display on stud games in Full Tilt. I'm assuming that they have made it so you cannot tell which card a person received on the river, I just want to make sure.
  2. Only betting 7th because he showed weakness and I want to take the pot down with a bluff.
  3. Good point about the raises, I should have raised on 4th and 5th. I had him 90% on pairing the 8 and pairing the river, which is why i bet.
  4. I would like people's opinions on my play in this hand. Mostly, I am interested in the 6th street call and river bet. Please read my logic at all streets and respond accordingly.Scenario: 7 handed $8/$16 HORSE at Foxwoods. Razz round. Almost every razz hand has been taken down without a showdown. Villain is the tightest/most knowledgeable player at table besides me, and I have shown him the best hand many times throughout the night, never calling or betting with the worst of it to a showdown.3rd street: Bring in comes with a Jack, P1 calls with 6, Villain calls with 2, P3 calls with 5, I c
  5. where is the best casino for 4-8 to 8-16 limit mixed games, especially om8. i'm going out to vegas for the first time tomorrow and want to know which games are the best.
  6. The guy I was heads up with was awful and would essentially call down till the river every time and then fold, basically not thinking about his hand until he had all 7 cards. I had two pair but they were disguised as down cards and so I was bluffing. I got three pair on the river. He folded and I won like I thought I would. Anyways, once I got thinking about who would win the three pair hand if he had called it got me thinking about the trips hand, thats all.
  7. I don't think I asked the right question. If I had JJJ888A and he had QQQ222A, the A88JJ wins correct? And if I had JJJ888K and he had QQQ222A the JJ88K wins correct? Sorry before I used three pair when I meant to use trips.
  8. I was playing in a home HORSE tourney tonight and the following hands came up. We were playing Razz and were heads up. I had KK8866A and he had JJ8822A. I ended up bluffing to win the pot, but if I didn't I am assuming the A2288 is good cause 2s are lower than 6s. What if the boards were KK8866A and JJ9922A. Am I right in assuming 8866A is the winner cause you play top down, and the pair of 9s is the higher hand? Also, if the boards are KKJ8866 and JJ9922A the J8866 is still the best hand correct?
  9. I have had a FTP account for a while even though I usually play on AP. Recently I noticed that AP has been charging my CC as a cash advance when I deposit so I'm switching to FTP now. I hear all about all this rakeback stuff. Can I still get a rakeback even though I already have an FTP account? Thanks for any help.
  10. is this being done on a site like espn/yahoo or something where we can track all the results and everyones brackets starting thurs? if so, i don't post here much but read often and can i join.
  11. My brother sucks at PLO but likes to play it. Rather than have him lose tons of money, what is the best PLO book I can get him for Christmas? The "Harrington on Holdem" for PLO is kinda what I would be looking for.
  12. yeah i got mine standard mail within 4 days, i'm assuming the fedex will be faster
  13. will anyone send me $20 on stars for paypal money so i can play this?
  14. ****, sorry man, i was sure he didn't have the queen i didn't think he would call, that was my bad, i won one of these acouple nights ago for a someone not as good this time around though
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