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  1. Yeah they also love to say "well I'm an actor, so I think I have an advantage".LOL. Fuck you.Has anyone else on here "acted" at a live table? Cuz I know I haven't. They seem to think that tells are picked off by the way you carry yourself as opposed to your betting pattern.
  2. wow that was a fast reply.
  3. What is everyone's take on him? Personally, I think he's awful. Everyone talks about how he's a "dark horse" and very good and all. I think he flat out s.ucks.He also claimed his IQ was 184 on TV, while stating that he wasn't at all worried about Johnny Chan. In the same breath that he claimed that he just might win this thing (HU championship) b/c he "doesn't care about the money", and "doesn't have an ego".HA! His ego is enormous!Anyway, I find him highly annoying and highly amatuerish. I've heard he went to MIT, but I doubt his IQ is that f.ucking high.Any thoughts?
  4. My ROI for my last 9 3-table SNG's is about 150%. I'd love to maintain this, but basically, anything positive is good.
  5. Yes. That's what the last line of my post alludes to. Regardless, even if you're able to reduce the number of possible answers, the fact that you have to guess means you don't know the correct answer. Therefore variance comes into play.I disagree. The only reason you "don't know" the answer is because 99% of the questions on the test are questions that you've never seen. Therefore, you are predisposed to an "answer". It's one thing if the test was full of questions like "What year did WWII begin?" and stuff like that. But it's not. It's all about deducing the correct answer. That is
  6. 10K helps me a whole lot more right now than does being able to sit in some seat playing poker with the delusion of cashing against 5999 opponents.
  7. Uhh, isn't deductive reasoning the whole f.ucking IDEA? This has got to be the least profound statement I've ever heard. This is like saying "Factor in a pitchers ability to throw a 104 mph slider which can be pinpointed wherever they want, and sure, they're going to do much better at pitching than they should."LOL.ROTFLMAO. Is this what this thread has come to??? lol. I think it's time to burry this thread.
  8. You can't possibly be this dumb. Please tell us this is all a joke.You feel bad about screwing over Blockbuster Video? The company owned by the evil Wayne Huizenga? F.uck that. Consider it payback for all their b.ullshit late fees and stuff.Why have you been calling in sick a lot lately? Really sick, or just faking it? If faking it, then I have no sympathy for you.
  9. just show up 2 hours late to work and say "I thought work started at 7pm, not 5pm" Just like what happened to you with the tourney...pawn off your misfortune onto you d.ickhead boss. He'll get over it. Besides, work can always be made up right?EDIT: Your boss would probably fire you if he knew you were dumb enough to leave money on the table for some $5.25/hour hand job.
  10. STFU. Anyone who's real life bankroll is sufficient enough so that they can lose 4K in one day playing poker isnt going to get sympathy from (primarily) low limit players such as the ones on this website.Why the F.uck you you bump it up 6X with big slick? No wonder why he called with 10 6, it looked like a f.ucking blind steal. He had right to feel like you were bullying him. Seriously, you're hardly going to get sympathy from anyone on here. We'd all love to be able to lose 4K in one f.ucking day. Try incorporating reads into your game. Just b/c you flop two pair on a 3-flush board doe
  11. OK, I'll be there at 6:59 with 100K, and by 100K I mean monopoly money. Look for me, I'll be the guy with the big tell, reading Poker for Dummies.Can't wait.
  12. Shut the Fuck up Sickboy.JK.By the way, did you play in a $5+$1 3-table NLHE SNG last night on Party Poker? I played with a guy by that name last night. Was it you? You were sitting in the bottom left-hand corner I believe...I'm sure I could pull up the hand history later tonight when I get home and verify.
  13. STFU Gew! (SW).I try to talk poker. Those other panty-waists don't. I post something relevant to poker and they chime in with "shut up" and "you are the village idiot". People always seem so threatened by people whom are both smart and funny. I've had to deal with losers like these my whole life. Used to it.Whatever.PS: Oppenheim would WHOOP Daniels a$$. He'll punish DN so much that DN would beg for Michel Moore to finish playing for him.(SW)
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