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  1. If you had the possibility to become 1 year younger in exchange for every 5 % of your net worth, how much % would you give up (if any)? I mean, you'd still be living in this time in 2012, but only younger and have less money. To clarify, 1 year younger for 5 % of your net worth2 years younger for 10 % of your net worth3 years for 15 %6 years for 30 % etc
  2. Yeah me too That's my gf by the way.
  3. Oh, not dead. Alive as a man can be. Exhausted and physically raped by alcohol and terrible finance since black friday. But I'm alive, I'm alive.
  4. Have you ever been interested in developing strategies to beat various financial markets? Why do you like Anna Faris so much?
  5. srsly, bring the porn thread back. That would be excellent
  6. Three swedish guys made a song about Isildur1. The song is called I am Isildur. Check it out: Personally, I find it quite entertaining.
  7. won $13 this session but was up way more. kinda disappointed but I'll be back. BR at $213.57 now. Finished 42nd in the BOP high orbit venus divison leaderboard last week. Missed out some cash there.
  8. how many hands have you played so far?
  9. Marathon session today. A lot of tables open. Allready up $50 after 17 sng's so far. Would like to play 80 or something but we'll see about that.
  10. No I'm sorry you have to sharkscope me. There is the best thing to see it all. The challange started around the 2000th sng. Oh, and the SN is Kungsvatten.
  11. How embarrassing, I'm a bronze star. Now everyone knows damnit.
  12. nah sorry..Just finished 100 sng's this week. And yes I was a bad boy and played in the venus division. I actually played a few tourneys and a friend of mine HU plo. So i lost a bit and was down to 50 again. As stated in the first post I was allowed to do this if I deposited more $ to cover it up. Didn't feel to do that so I played with an aggressive BR management to go broke or get back on track. It worked out. Got $200 now. And I can post a screen shot of my results. Hope it makes you happy Chet . Thanks for postingProbably wont stay at 11th or even make it to top 40 when the week is over bu
  13. havent played in a while until today. played well and ran pretty good too. played 40 sng's and I now have 666 BOP points this week. thats pretty good. Perhaps I'll play another 10 or 20 before I go to sleep.
  14. straight to hell. Played cash games at full tilt at the same time. Wasn't focused on my sng challenge. I actually won about $10 since I was at 90 when I started y-day (have to get better at editing the OP). I was up at about 130 but went on a bad rush. Played 77 sng's. Gonna play focused next time!
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