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  1. Several variables go into whether you want to cash or go for the win. Did you satty in to this tourney? If you bought straight in I would say definitely go for padding your stack if you think your hand is good. If your in on a cheap satty you may want/need the money so you may just pass and wait till the bubble bursts.
  2. As Shark said, raise more pre-flop. Good flop for our K's so go ahead and bet ~$5 with intentions of getting it in here.
  3. The weekend will fly by, with all the sports to watch. I told my wife already pick a credit card and hit the stores, I don't care which one just go.
  4. Is folding here terrible? I don't like flatting, needing to improve on the flop and even then we may not be ahead. I think its a shove or fold, and shoving seems a little spewy so I'm inclined to fold since we have plenty of chips. Has Mahowny777 been 3betting people alot or just opening alot? The flat by Squizzy58 is either really strong or nothing and given we haven't seen him play a hand I'm willing to assume strength until I have some info. I guess it all comes down to our chip count and I just don't think this is a good spot to be risking a good % of our chips, especially by flatting.
  5. No, you aren't going to want to fold this hand and considering villians stack size I would just get villian all in pre.
  6. The PLO tournament I played was in Vegas a couple years ago. The only live poker I get to play is the once or twice a year trip to AC or Mississippi. When I was a little younger I'd play home games around the UNCC campus, but those ran a high risk of getting shut down so now that I'm older with a family I tend to avoid them.
  7. I've played a live PLO tournament and needless to say the play was horrendous. "I have to use two of my cards?"
  8. Check/Call, if villian checks I probably lead about 3/4 pot on the river and folding to any action unless we hit another K.
  9. That turn bet is fine and pre-flop flat is OK as well.
  10. Like you said in your original post on the first hand your opponent has Q's, 10's or even 2 pair almost always so I can't see folding this hand. Sure, occasionaly you'll get shown the stones but you just can't fold top set here. If you go putting people on the nuts when you have the second nuts you will cost yourself a boat load of money in the long run. Hope this makes sense.
  11. Welcome to FCP!Both of the hands you posted are coolers and I can't see folding either one. Converters are free at flopturnriver.com and posting hands in the specific section for the game will also get more feedback. There is a section for all games and tournaments here so take advantage of it. Oh yeah, don't post results like Sick Boy said because it affects peoples judgement.
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