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  1. If you're new to this I would say; play tight early, when you get close to 10 bbs, start shoving a large part of your range from later positions. You will get called from time to time and forced to win some flips, but you'll be raking in a ton of blinds if the players aren't calling as wide as they should. Are there any antes in this thing?
  2. Yeh, tried to emphazise the "American continents" part. I know there are people playing in both Mexico and Canada, but I have no clue how many we have there compared to how many that were playing from the U.S.A.
  3. I can see how this could confuse you, but yet you chose to call the river when one of the worst possible cards hit. I tend to agree with calling river here as there will be a decent amount of bluffs while you're getting a very good price. But if you are going to call the river, then there is no reason for you not to shove the turn. If he has you beat already he will definitively bet river and get your chips. If not, well then you shoving turn will either make him pay extra to hit his outs, or give you the 6k pot without him having the chance to bink the river. This is a scenario where you don'
  4. Yeah it sucks. Was kind of reffering to this though. I don't know how many people the Neg-O usually gets, but having it that late essentially only leaves it viable for people on the American continents. With all Americans being unable to play, maybe a change of time would make it easier for more people to participate?
  5. Nice incentive by Pokerstars, Isildur making himself worth the paycheck imo
  6. Friend made it to top 22 in the $11 MM 400k guar. I regged a few more while sweating him, he busted AJ<A3. hehAlso my lol hand in the 3x turbo rebuy to finish the night PokerStars Hand #77821583097: Tournament #533324051, $1.00+$0.10 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XLIII (160000/320000) - 2012/03/26 5:12:16 CET [2012/03/25 23:12:16 ET]Table '533324051 391' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: chefbork (7944672 in chips) Seat 2: TeamAllen5 (854189 in chips) Seat 3: torres280 (1388026 in chips) Seat 5: Jeff Tree203 (3803358 in chips) Seat 6: Acekob (2195638 in chips) Seat 7: magner19 (2138556 in c
  7. Why are you answering the questions instead of BG?
  8. Heh, super meh day, haven't really gotten a stack in anything. Just buste mm turbo when villan 4bet shoved TT into my AQ on JKT flop
  9. Will play some of the micro millions, the biggers, hotters, and maybe the mill if I satty in.
  10. I have been playing a bunch of these. I love the $1+r 3x turbo events as an addition to the daily ones.
  11. in 6m L, maybe M and the ME lowgl negs!
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