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  1. It seems unlikely he is betting the flop and turn with the K high flush draw. And he can't have an open ended straight and flush draw - but he could have a flush draw and a straight draw. As well as a dozen two pair or even set hands.Yes, a turn raise is well worth considering.Because you are playing with only half a stack, I get it in on the river. Normal stacks I just call. Super deep are reraise (but not full pot) and fold to a shove.
  2. OMG man, it is possible to reply without quoting the OP too. Like it's not long enough already unconverted!
  3. They are never shoving without the nuts. Full ring is looking super nitty. No one gets bored and decided to play a marginal hand because there is no down time between hands.
  4. iPoker Network game, so no converter, sorrySeat 1: Button ($42.64 in chips) DEALERSeat 3: SB ($368.22 in chips)Seat 5: BB ($41.90 in chips)Seat 6: UTG ($63.27 in chips)Seat 8: MP ($50.00 in chips)Seat 10: Hero ($58.37 in chips)SB: Post SB $0.25BB: Post BB $0.50*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hero []UTG: FoldMP: FoldHero: Call $0.50Button: Call $0.50SB: Raise (NF) $2.50BB: FoldHero: Call $2.00Button: Call $2.00*** FLOP *** []Pot $8SB: CheckHero: Bet $8.00Button: Call $8.00SB: Fold*** TURN *** []Pot $24Hero: Bet $12.50Button: Call $12.50*** RIVER *** []Pot $49Hero: CheckButton: Bet $19.64 All-inHero:
  5. Absolutely open raise with that hand. And raise a little more on the turn
  6. He said 2/4 mixed table - for NLHE and PLO the blinds are .5/1.I think the questions have already been well answered. He's waiting for a nice turn card to put you in. He could have one of those straights, and he's waiting for the board not to pair. The least he has is a larger set.This is a hand I will play in nearly any spot if the Ace and Ten are suited, and the 5s are offsuit. But this is a pretty ugly flop if you don't have a flush draw to fall back on.
  7. UB used to have it - under their pre merger software though
  8. OP asked about limit. Obv different pot sizes and therefor diff VPPs.For goodness sake ilMakeU, just play good poker at the level you're at. Climb up with proper bankroll management and the VPPs will roll it at higher levels.
  9. No.100% is a very good number. That's where the top MTT players are - they guys on the Card Player and Bluff mag online player of the year races.STTs are different. 30% is a very good number there. 10-20% more realistic, and still very good, at the higher levels.
  10. Finally someone gets directly to the heart of the matter.delved, do you really think that after theacclaimed leads out the turn, your over shove is EVER getting called by a hand that isn't beating you? Like over pairs (77, 99, TT, JJ), anything with a 5 (A5, 45, 55, 56), and a lot of hands similar hands with an 8 in them? And all those hands are totally capable of playing it exactly the same way.Don't make bets that are never getting called by a hand you are ahead of.
  11. Ya, as above, except I'm not sure I like this flop at all. You've almost turned your hand over by 3-betting from a blind, and even if you 3-bet more than AAXX (which of course you should), this flop is too low to represent the other hands you might 3bet OOP - say Kings or Queens with big suited kickers for example, or rundowns from 789T to TJQK.Nothing that you are ahead of is inclined to call your flop bet and I think, and if you get repotted you have to fold.
  12. I dunno... Hopefully 100BB swings should a lot more rare than regular. 1000BBs is pretty nitty - but to be fair, the games at higher levels are obv tougher, and no bankroll is enough if you can't beat the game. Better to grind out 2/4 then lose money at 5/10.
  13. 1/3 = full house1/6 = same straight1/3 = smaller straight1/6 = trips or lessso call.
  14. Maybe villan is excited about the straight he flopped?
  15. To save time you could just replace PLO with NLHE and paste it over in that forum too.
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