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  1. I've just seen he first three episode and love it. Like the use of 4 colour deck and the action is good where Phil is steamrolling the table. Can't wait for the next episode
  2. Thank you very much! Can't wait to get home from work, cook some diner and watch this
  3. OK now that sounds like fun! Hope there will be alot of action.Can you tell me where to look for these episodes. Pokertube or something? Litterally have never seen an episode of POD
  4. Hahaha I was reading 2p2 and saw the 60B hand thread. Looking at the screenshot and the names I was like 'WTF!!!??!! I know that name' so i came clicking here and just wanna say congrats dude on the nice cash and don't spend it all on H&B :)Jan
  5. Hahahaha that's funny bro. I'd be doing exactly the same thing if it was me against my brother. Actually my brother is a mathematical genius so he doesn't need all that fancy stuff like pen and paper but you get the gist. I've never seen anyone use p&p in a live game so I woudn't know the correct ruling. Seems like a douchy move in a homegame among friends.
  6. Wonder how much lag (not loose agrassive obv.) there will be when there are 10K+ tables running in 1 tourney. Anyone think they won't make the 100,000 player mark?
  7. Haha cool idea!Don't know his sn here but he had a blog called something like; 'Shine in the light of the shimmering wang.'... Damn what is his name?
  8. Wow I've read the complete transcript at work. Very interresting and I cant wait to get home to listen to the convo. Unreal how this plot works.
  9. Just finished watching the week and it was great! Kudo's for the LC. I have to say I don't like to see the LC crying tho, bit to much American sentiment being forced out but on the other hand I can unsterstand 'cause it's a shitton of money. Joe Stapelton is my favourite and I'm sad Two Jacks are having a break.
  10. Of course 3 pages of thinly veiled sarcasm doesn't bother him. Welcome in 2004 everyone!
  11. Well the Netherlands are champions... in missing penaltys. We've got our very own national penalty sydrome. So as long as we win every game and do not tie, we'll be fine :)I realy think a semifinal should be possible.Jan
  12. Very worthy cause. I'll be donating a minimum of an x amount tonight but if I run good will also donate half my winnings... I think it will be the x-amount I'll be donating in the end.
  13. At work now. Went to bed at 3 and had to get up at 6:30 but it was worth it all the way. Thanks Gibler for the fireworks and pokerlesson on how to close a freaking awesome finaltable.Can't wait till you holla back to the forums.
  14. Gibler you're th best man!! Big Congrats from the Netherlands.Also, I laughed my ass of during the runner up interview.
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