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  1. GTFO means get the fck out. Our GTFO is at 1:30 a.m. Everyone (besides me) has to be at work the next morning. (I work at night but not Tuesday nights) So when its getting close to 1:30 a.m. sometimes we'll just call out 5 or 6 more hands, and that way the chip leader cant just tank. Its sorta like hand for hand at the bubble.He ended up winning when he went all in with A/Q. I had 10/8 suited. I would have called even if he turned up aces since I needed to double up to beat him.
  2. God I know there is going to be lots of bashing and mocking, so just know that I know. But please if you mock, you can give a joking answer to ridicule us, but please give a serious one too. Thanks. I think I'm being pretty fair here.It's a 16-man home game and its a league. The points go up as you finish higher. So its down to heads up between my brother and myself. There is a Get the *** Out rule so we decide to play six more hands so the chip leader cant just pause for 10 minutes. So at this point, the blinds wont go up.The chip leader has a significant lead over the shorter stack, but the
  3. This sucks...but hopefully she'll come out of it with flying colors.
  4. I agree with most of what you guys are saying except the announcers. I love Norm and Lon. Its weird that they hired Norm in the first place, but now he's a staple and there would be many poker enthusiasts who would hate to see him go.I think I have an interesting idea. Play the final table on two days. The first day gets down to four players. The next day, they play till the end. This way, you could have two two-hour shows. You'd see a ton of more hands and you'd still air the show the very next day.Yay or nay??
  5. Avery last year got me back into watching hockey. I watched a random Rangers game against the Capitals and realized this is how hockey is supposed to be played. He doesn't always play like he played that game, but I'd take him as a teammate anyday. My only fault with him last year is anytime someone wanted to fight him, he'd skate away and let his teammates do his dirty work. Sort like Domi used to do when he was a Ranger. He'd rather antagonize then fight.
  6. what part? What sucked the most was it was the year they won The Cup. I felt as if the Chicago Oilers were playing at MSG.
  7. OK, that was a good comeback, though to be fair I didn't use it in a gay way. I was just trying to give you a man-on-man hug. I felt you needed one.
  8. I'm not bashing Negreanu. I'm strongly dissagreeing with him. How interesting a site would it be if we all said, "Yes Daniel, you are right again! I don't know how you do it!!"But yeah,I should have gotten my facts straight. It was late I checked Wikapedia and maybe I just missed the Que part of the site. I should have known better anyways. I used to be the biggest hockey fan. But once the Rangers traded all my favorite players away, I stopped caring and lost my passion for the game.
  9. I bet that answer is yes. I'm pretty sure Tiger doesn't always have his A-game or his A-Concentration.
  10. Just like sports, a lot of times people lose their hunger when they've won before. I think Daniel probably doesn't have the same intensity for some tournies as he does in others. I would imagine the WPT Championship, WSOP Main Event and HORSE and the NBC Heads Up, Daniel will sleep and eat right the night before all events. Because he has a strong desire to win them all. But he has enough money where the 10K probably doesn't mean that much to him, so he has too much fun to be successful sometimes. It's his choice. He's earned it. (Much like Sundin!!) Sorry for the cheap shot at the end
  11. Cheer up man. Stop being so rude and mean. Smile and ask someone for a hug!! You'll feel better.
  12. OK, I understand (now) that he hasn't been a Leaf for life. But I mean maybe he feels he can help the team win. Maybe he doesn't want to collude as I'm sure making an underhanded deal to rejoin the Leafs would count as colluding. But what about the argument that he earned his no-trade clause? Why give up something that he worked hard for and earned?And again...if he loves the Leafs so much, he shouldn't leave. One last thing. He's the Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. That is a pretty big honor and he probably takes that pretty seriously. Captains dont leave their men.
  13. ****in Wikepedia. It was late, and I forgot. Hockey used to mean a lot more to me. I still stand behind what I said.
  14. Daniel, I'm really shocked at your stance on the Sundin thing. And I hope you listen to reason. As a former Rangers fan, I stopped being a fan the night Glen Traitor Sather traded Leetch. Leetch was a lifelong Ranger and even though the Rangers were going nowhere fast, he wanted to finish his career with the only pro jersey he ever wore. Was that really being selfish of him to dispise Sather because he traded him??? No. He loved the Rangers and didn't would rather die with his team, than play against them. He even said in his retirment speech, that the only time he sat on the visitors b
  15. I'm sorta with you on this. I think any HOF is meaningless and goofy in a way. Your peers aren't voting you in, some sportswriters are that may have seen you play four times a year. But its still fun to talk about.But which poker players are in that you dont think meet the criteria?And do you think if they made improvements it wouldn't be meaningless?
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