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  1. Hopefully they give out reparations like they did last time they shat the bed.
  2. I play at the Proom all the time. I like the format, chip stacks in SNG's etc. I play mostly .50-1 limit, and the games are soft for the most part, except that you run into the same people 3-4 tabling every day that actually know what they're doing. My swings in limit there are huge, I won like 90 BB in two days, then dumped 120 the next two, with the requisite two outers and river flushes crapping on my head. Plenty of horrible players who make me look like i know what I'm doing though. CM
  3. Get Helmuth's book off there, add TOP and SSHE. And if you're putting literature on the list too, gotta put Biggest Game in Town on there.
  4. Didn't notice the pre-flop raise........hmmmm, we're prolly not choppin. I'm still calling though.
  5. Why is this close? I call this, happily or unhappily, every time. Of course i have lost 120bb in the past two days. Siiiiiigh. I think we're choppin it, by the way.
  6. CormacD

    i hate...

    My late arrival and obvious irrelevance to this thread *tear rolls slowly down my cheek*
  7. CormacD

    i hate...

    People who think tecmo bowl is better than tecmo super bowl.
  8. 50 yards is nothing. QB bills can chuck that bastard a good 115-120 on tecmo super bowl. Your money is good as gone.
  9. Variance is why i lost with the nut flush about 4 times last night to rivered full houses, right?
  10. I've been wondering this too. Do you use the download or java app?
  11. Didn't you post a hand yesterday where you attempted to trap and got burned? There is lessons to be learned here..........
  12. Soooooooo, what'd he show on the hand in question?
  13. Jayson seems to be much hotter than the last time i posted.
  14. You're forgetting Bo Jackson, and Okoye who both dominate thomas, not to mention mueller.
  15. This means that the FCP poetry slam can't be far behind.
  16. Why i stay away from the no limit. He really butchered that thing ay? Middle pair with a backdoor flushdraw for all my chips? No thanks.
  17. That suicide was a total 1.4!!!!Your comment about that suicide being a total 1.4 was totally 1.4!Just figured i would finish beating that joke to death. Like the Devil Rays are doing to the A's right now. *grumble*
  18. I don't even pretend to comprehend everything i've read, it obviously warrants a few re-reads, but yes, just small changes and i can see so many places i just butchered hands weak/tighting it up or being aggressive with nothing to try and win without showing down. I look forward to further refining my game.
  19. Sooooo, i just finished small stakes hold 'em, and I honestly don't know why I ever tried to play online limit poker before I did. I was still winning (thanks everyone who sucks more than me), but obviously not maximizing my profit. Lurking around here helped my game a lot, and Smash's little experiment, though just an homage to SSHE, also helped, but now I feel i am ready to truly dominate pokerrooms tiny limit tables. And soon i will have a computer that is not a mac, which will be quickly outfitted with pokertracker so i can write another diary about how i never should have played without t
  20. Not worth popping it for a free card since you dont even have a backdoor flush draw?
  21. A major leak in mine as well. Someone who knows what they're talking about?
  22. So you can come to my weak/tight party. It's gonna be a rager.
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