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  1. about a month ago a buddy of mine cashed 2nd in the 100k....... and now a month later the 14k's gone.... hahahahha whatever you do freak.... be careful with the winnings.
  2. hey ppsux..... i'm railin you too...... something about that kool aid avatar has drawn me to you.....
  3. hahahahaha i got a 19.....Last night i got real drunk.... put 30 in pokerroom.... went right to blackjack.... turned it into 300.... lost it playign 100 a hand..... then put in another 30turned it into 550....... played a 150 hand..... doubled with 11 against a 7 i got a 2.... dealer had 17....... then put the last 250 on one hand and dealer had BJ..... maybe i'm a little compulsive
  4. So i play in a weekly tournament style home game wtih my buddies who are decent but they don't take it to the next level. Regardless..... after every hand they always end up showing their cards and saying their thought process and justifying every move they make and just yapping constantly about why they made the right move. It's getting to the point where you can't even play anymore reguraly because every hand turns into a heated argument over who made the biggest mistake. Anybody have any suggestions as to how i can just get people to shut up and play? I've started being very quiet and just
  5. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-tournament...s&image_id=3108What the hell is around his neck?????
  6. "Negreanu is generous with praise when he feels other poker players deserve it. He has cited Jennifer Harman and Phil Ivey as two of the players he admires. Negreanu has also volunteered to foot the $80,000 bill for his friend Ivey, whom he was staking, when Ivey was interned in a rehabilitation center for drug abuse. Daniel Negreanu pronounces his last name "Ne-grah-new," but is not bothered by other pronunciations. He is currently residing in Las Vegas with his wife."from http://www.poker-player-profiles.com/danie...iel-negreanu/...does anyone know if this is true and if so what drug it was
  7. They were showing the episode with DN, Juanda, Phillips, Ram Vaswani and Matusow and needless to say it was pretty funny watching these guys. DN when he actually was a player and not a celebrity, and watching Matusow having to swallow his tongue just a little bit when it was obvious he was the 4th or 5th best player at the final table at this time. Good episode but it was truly amazing how good Daniel was back then.... something about him on tv in 2004 was a lot better then his brief apperance in 2005.
  8. you can use "gift vouchers" on pokerroom.... the come in increments of 5/10/20/and 50
  9. Finally have some money on stars..... is there one?
  10. PokerStars Game #3450281574: Hold'em No Limit ($2/$4) - 2005/12/27 - 13:45:33 (ET)Table 'Klotho IV' Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: Snake Rypken ($146 in chips) Seat 2: Fish4Walleye ($336.90 in chips) Seat 3: X_IROCK_X ($189 in chips) Seat 4: Oh Hi ($445 in chips) Seat 5: jsmco111 ($190 in chips) Seat 6: scaryronnie ($180.80 in chips) scaryronnie: posts small blind $2Snake Rypken: posts big blind $4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to scaryronnie [As Ah]Fish4Walleye: folds X_IROCK_X: folds Oh Hi: folds jsmco111: raises $11 to $15scaryronnie: calls $13Snake Rypken: folds *** FLOP *** [5c 8s 6h]Fish4Walleye
  11. No i just cant understand his re-push there.... it makes absolutly no sense to me......... i just am trying to figure out who made the worse play.... him re-pushing or me bumping to 75
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