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  1. Sick small ball strategy. 1010 3 way pot second blind level on a j98 board. wow
  2. Does anyone know if you can get in or if you had to have tickets or what. Not sure I want to drive down there till later anyways...
  3. GG LA. Without bynum, we're just so so sick. LOL @ Gasol being best player on team this year. Boston doesn't have a chance. weeeeee
  4. LOL. BEC is easiest, that's why I am taking it during tax season. I am in public and have been or almost 2 years.
  5. Orly? I have passed FAR, I take BEC at end of February! PM ME If you ever need an accounting job here in Vegas!
  6. IRS will not view you as a professional poker player. I had a CPE course where somene said to the IRS agent "I prepare taxes Jan-April and play poker May-Dec, I can not file as a poker player?" IRS agent said nope.Naked Cowboy, you're pretty good!
  7. All the people defending it. Let's hear about how nice your Ford is and how long it has lasted you with minimal cost. These companies make a crappy product, why should they stay in business?How about all the small business in town, maybe the Government should help them also?
  8. Day 2 Draw...Hopefully Al has some good stories about his table draw today. 92 David Rothrock 79500 49 1 5 Clonie Gowen 162550 49 2 359 Alexander Elias 14475 49 3 140 Howard Lederer 65550 49 4 247 Matthew Sexton 40650 49 5 27 Matt Giannetti 118300 49 6 126 Jared Bleznick 69300 49 7 124 Michael Kamran 70000 49 8 236 Alvin Zeidenfeld 42325 49 9
  9. An honest response is, you should probably playing at least 10 dollar or 11 dollar turbos. But, it's depends also if you have other income i guess. I practice bank roll management very loosely as I have other income coming in. I usually 6-8 table sit n gos on ftp. I do not play many though because I work full time. I think anything above 15% is real good, and also 10-14 is pretty good as well. GL
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