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  1. Anyone know of any basic/generic poker trackers? What I'm looking for basically is a program that just tracks ring-games' hands played and money won. The thing is I like to play all the games (HE, Omaha, OE, Stud, Stud 8, Razz, HORSE, Draw) and it is a royal pain in the ass to deal with multiple programs. Also, anything that could track simple ROI for SNG's and tourneys would be a big plus. I don't need any fancy crap about the hands I played or HUDs or any of that.Edit: I play on pokerstars, so it'd have to be compatible with that.
  2. Are you positive about that?What about the worst case scenario, you pay your taxes for whats in your account, and when you go withdraw, you never receive your money?I'm looking for an answer besides the obvious one: "You're ****ed"
  3. My friends brought this up today, and I was was wondering how it works exactly.I understand that one has to pay taxes on poker winnings, seeing as it is income.But say for example you got your 1k you put it, and made it to 10k by the end of the year. And withdrew 5k total.Do you pay taxes on the 4k winnings you withdrew, or the 9k winnings total, even though none of it is in your 'hands' yet?
  4. What sorts of bad runs have you guys gone on? Like the worst you have experienced? This is for online poker, details such as initial buy-in, what you generally play and how much lost before coming back would be appreciated.
  5. I'd still play poker, but id play for things that could be bartered.or sometimes my buddies are too cheap to play for money, so we put stupid things at stake, like first out mows the winners lawn, or has to be the next person to drive on the next fishing trip, etc
  6. so 1200 is the magic number for pokerstars? (bada$$ courier mail w/e)id like to know as well
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