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  1. ....and in a real life game you'd be able to tell right away if the guy had quads just by the way he put his chips in the middle.now you're just bragging.
  2. " i'll give the bathroom a good 30 minutes before anyone decides to go in there."
  3. FCP really is a place to learn and grow as a card player, and a person. (you figure it out)ty, i assume you are talking to me but if you're not, i'm taking the credit anyway. 8)
  4. so are you gona follow the trend and throw him a party?
  5. why would someone reraise w/ k high if board didn't have an ace in it. your logic is absurd.
  6. "the baby's not mine, but i can name a couple dozen candidates".
  7. my favorite: "cause my style's like a chemical spill, unfazable rhymes that you can vision and feel". yes, i know all the dance moves too. :oops:
  8. "your daughter is in good hands sir, have you notice how large my hands are."
  9. something! grabs a hold of me tightly, flow like a harpoon daily and nightly.
  10. Yeah Bowie did a good job there.alright stop...collaborate and listen! something tells me you guys still know the lyrics. don't be shy.
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