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  2. what do you expect from 16 year olds LOL
  3. who is slimenem?i played ion the stars sunady big tourney and this slimenem was at my table, he was chatting back and forth with EDOGN (lingdren) and was also being bombarded by observers, he would not say his name, but he said he has won major tourneysanyone know?
  4. so when is the open tournament gonna be scheduled for?this week? next week? is a time frame in the works?
  5. I see my tournament mentor, and former poster is in the top 500and he just started playing on the site 3 months ago
  6. and for the record, I am a poker dealer, and there sre times when I WILL NOT TIP A DEALER. If a dealer does not say thank you when I tip him, I will NEVER tip that dealer again. I suggest you people do the same. I have been dealing for a long time, and have never not said thank you for any toke, whether it be 25 cents or 25.00I will not tip dealers with attitude( not quiet dealers) just dealers who are extremely bossy or rude.getting back to the tourn part, I already said that I would tip about 1% on a huge score, but I would not begrudge a player for not tipping( when the tip was taken out)
  7. I think, if your a good dealer, thats roughly what you will make no matter where you deal. I have dealt in alot of rooms, and it seems to avg. out to about that
  8. Could you please take a moment to fathom, with your superior intellect and logic, that Matusow was indeed the best player at the table. He was the only "real" pro (although Andrew Black certainly could qualify) and had been to a WSOP: ME final table before.Could it possibly be that the best player got extremely unlucky? I mean, could you even IMAGINE that? ONE hand beats his KK, and he happens to run into it. Then, he hits the K on the flop. Runner-runner flush later, he's crippled.He then COMPLETELY outplays the table. The bluff with the 8-5 was the supreme example of this. He layed do
  9. When I feel I am the best player at the table...yes.Pre flop on the second hand.....yesAm I kidding.....no.and I am guessing you will NEVER win a big time tournament(not really guessing) 100000000000000000000% sure
  10. You are at the final table...you have the lead...its the second hand....you are facing a table full of online qualifiers who overvalue ANY ace...there is a raise and a reraise to your button...you have pocket kings...you just berated Phil Ivey publically for playing coin flip hands against the jackwads...you know big pairs only play well heads up....So FOLD !!!!!!PS...I say this as the man who got knocked out of a SNG, the $500 NL event, and the nightly $225 Super all in one day at the "Pot Of Gold" at the Reno Hilton with pocket Kings. Ran into Aces twice...and the dreaded J8 os. :roll: So I
  11. I'm going to take a wild guess at this and say that dealers in cash games make around $100 to $130 per day including tips and would bet that this is not too far off the mark.I make about 120-130 on the weekdays and 150-165 on the weekends.I deal in a decent sized room in vegas. thats tokes, not counting my wage(5.15 per)not bellagio or mirage
  12. I have been a poker dealer for 7 years and a player for 10 years.when I first read this thread I was upset that the winner left 100.00(supposedly) i did not deal at the rio.Now that I think about it, I guess tournaments that big, with the tip already taken out, the winner should not be looked down upon for not tipping. I would have tipped 1% regardless, but I have been in the industry for a long time.however, I feel strongly about players who do not tip in live cash games.While most of the players tip, there are a few who dont. this I do not understand.I have changed my mind on the tournament
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