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  1. I am more than happy to debate the issue with you but this is not the place to do so.What I will say is this though: Cyprus is for CYPRIOTS (Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots collectively) and they are the ones that are entitled to live in a unified island. The sub divisions of Greek-Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot are primarily of language and religion. We are NOT Greek NOR Turkish but CYPRIOT - Cyprus is an independant country and you will find that the overwhelming majority of Cypriots (both ethic backgrounds) do not want the Turkish troops or mainland settlers from Turkey present on the isla
  2. The reason for this post not to be discussed is primarily because it is likely to quickly drift away from the core content which is whether or not organizations such as The WPT and FTP should be actively promoting events in illegal jurisdictions. If it can stick to the main point then by all means lets discuss whether you can trade morals for money.
  3. Re: World Poker Tour (WPT) Event in Northern Cyprus Sept 2009Having recently arrived in Las Vegas, I was eagerly anticipating playing in the $25k buy in WPT championship event. In fact I have played in many WPT events over the years and to date have never missed the main April Bellagio event but suddenly found myself faced with a moral dilemma that will most likely lead to my being unable to support any future WPT events. Not a great loss to the WPT I must say but nonetheless it makes me question their lack of moral integrity.The reason for this is basically down to my Cypriot ethnic origins a
  4. Can't comment on the standard of play at the $60 nl buy in level but I can guarantee that you are going to have one of the best overseas trips that you are ever likely to experience in your lifetime going down under to Melbourne.People and staff are super friendly and helpfull but don't let me cloud your judgement...report back for yourself on your return or once you get down there..Hope you also get the chance to go and see Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef too and if possible come back via New Zealand but maybe you'll plan a return trip some time later.
  5. Honestly can't recall the hand but probably was thinking along the line of "This is the best hand and I have decided to call him down to the river regardless and let him keep bluffing if necessary at the pot."Bottom line is that in poker we only have gut instinct to go by a lot of the time and there is no choice but to follow that. Very unscientific I know but looks good when you are right and a complete Donk when you are wrong;-(
  6. Many Thanks. I estimate I have approximately 16-18mths worth of poker left in me so I had better try and win won of these events pretty quickly as I can't play in anywhere near as many as I would like and the WSOP events are just getting way to big. As if that wasn't bad enough in Monte Carlo last week there were hundreds of 18 and 19 year old Scandinavians who were seriously good and their younger brothers and sisters are going to make them look like also rans.So aynone who wants to do anything in poker and is currently aged 20+ you had better do something in the next couple of years because
  7. Haven't been lurking around here for a while but totally forgot that they were showing the Mirage WPT final table on the 4th April in the USA.Alas I will not get to see it for quite some time as it will not be shown in the UK for at least another 6-9mths so my memory on some of the hands is a little vague 11 months on but at leat it's another of those memories that I will be able to cherish hopefully long into old age.The bottom line of it all, however, is that some are going to hate me and some are going to love me as on TV they can edit things any way they see fit but one thing I will point
  8. Not for me to speak on behalf of Joe Hachem but.....................I asked Joe about this earlier in the week and he said that although a complaint has been filed against the WPT which lodged his and other players objections to the unfairness of the release document that you have to sign when playing he still wanted to play as these were some of only a few events that he could play in. He also stated that he was advised that as long as he stated/lodged his objection to the statement that he had to sign under sufference at the time of signing it would be OK for him to still play without compro
  9. Around three months ago Gary Thompson contacted me asking me about the formation of an International Players Consultation Committee.He also included a schedule of the full list of events which he asked me to keep confidential.The provisional dates of the WSOP 2007 are basically 1 June thru 17 July with the main event being run 6 July to 17 July.At the time I stated that I felt it would be unfair for me to assist in forming an International Players Committee as it would in essence be heavily biased towards my own views and those of the others co-opted onto it, so asked whether Gary would consid
  10. I went to Singapore which followed the Manilla event and hear that another young Aussie won there but that it was a very disappointing turnout of a mere 38 players.Singapore had 313 players and it was an absolutely fantastic venue and have to commend Betfair on a job well done (depite some hitches with hotel accomodation).I would thoroughly recommend you all try and get there for any future events assuming you are allowed to qualify online because its a fabulous part of the world to visit.BTW Liz Lieu who was there with John Phan and myself representing Martins Poker was absolutely besieged by
  11. Just a couple of general points.Organizers, promoters, casinos etc etc all have a right to make some money out of such ventures and neither I nor anyone else can knock them for it. They make investments and are entitled to returns its as simple as that (its called free enterprise/business/commerce).Very few law suits end up being settled in court and invariably a financial arrangement is agreed upon prior to a judge making a decision.As such it strongly suggests that legal action isn't necessary in the first place and that if the various parties got together and discussed any matter then perha
  12. Wasn't totall clear about the payments to golfers but there was a big stink over here in Europe a few years back about certain players refusing to play unless paid for appearing and that included some of the BIG tourneys.Thanks for clearing that up.Do you know if they sign image release forms giving carte blanche to the golf course/tv company/PGA whenever they play that they can use their image to make videos on golf etc etc and sell them without the players permission?
  13. I'm not disputing that the development and growth of poker that has come about is directly a result of the WPT/WSOP/TV Coverage/Online Sites etc etc.But lets see who am I? Firstly I am not a pro player in the sense that it is not my primary source of income but rather a hobby which gives me great pleasure and which has given me substantial financial rewards and I who love the WPT events more than the rival ones. Next I would have to say that I am just an ordinary regular every day person but who is extremely outspoken on a number of subjects. As such I will question many things that affect me
  14. I'm not sure why you're so annoyed about this because the important point I am making is that a line has to be drawn somewhere.If you hold a gun to my head and make me sign a piece of paper giving you permission to kill me it doesn't make it OK for you to do so.Just becasue I voted Republican doesn't give George Bush the right to say that I gave him permission to invade Iraq even though I elected him to represent me.And I am not sure what you mean by;"...hey they got royatlies in signing the form and winning didnt they?"The players paid all the money into the prize pool and nothing was added
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