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  1. Well it has been a few years and had to recover a password, but saw this thread and thought I would put this in.....Bob looks like you might want to make a wager. http://beyondthebets.com/2012/04/12/callin...lion-entry-fee/On bovada....over under is 40.5 w/ under -140, interesting.Huskers20
  2. Justin,It was nice to meet you there....CONGRATS...very well deserved.Steve
  3. GL TID!!!I will be playing the Horse event at 3 so I will look you up.Huskers
  4. That isn't exactly where I was going, lol...but now that you say it only with you:)
  5. Thanks to all for the kind words and congratulations.....I truly appreciate it. The casino is great and tournament was run great.The last table I was on I played w/ former Illini/NBAer Ken Norman, real nice guy. I made the $$$ a fair amount over ave. but we had plenty of big stacks at my table, will leave out any stories, feel I played well and really wouldn't change any, oh well.. Tourney structure was great til about level 17 I think when it went from 500/ 3k-6k to 1000/ 4k-8k, up until that very nice and fair.Again thanks to all.I am planning on being back tomorrow Tuesday for the Horse,
  6. I would be in for Friday Satellite for the Sunday 1k tourney.Also, for as nice as it might be....jinky getting us lined up....I would rather go, local, no rake, one and two we could use are own slower structure. Just my 2 cents.Huskers20
  7. We have 2 separate Chicago threads, but yet plans are made in the Gary, Indiana thread........Disappointing. I could have made it out last night. Sounds like a good time.Get back to the Chicago threads:)
  8. Wow, VN!!!....And we did do the late 10% swap right?....dam even after talking about it we didn't pull the trigger, lol.Congrats, though that is awesome. Which two did you chop it with?And does this mean you will be back next weekend? Let me know, I could play Sat. or Sun.Huskers20
  9. First Congrats to Cubsfan44.As he cashed in last nights 100plo tourney w/ Chicago Charitable. Don't know how he finished up but good work, right before I left he had doubled up twice to get back to a healthy stack....How did you finish?I am definitely out for the 6th, and would be 50/50 for the next weekend, so don't base to much on me.If you haven't been to one and are thinking of it, you should be trying to clear your calender.Huskers20
  10. I'm like 80% for this Sunday's 100PLO.Who else?
  11. does Willow Crest = Oak Brook Marriottif so....I just played a long night of poker w/ the head pro....That if we change the date:).....I can get us nice preferred rates.
  12. I am definitely out on September 6th. I know you like setting the date and who makes it makes it, but I hope you can reconsider the date. It did seem like there were more NO's for that date then definite ins.And after making the first two you know I would be a yes on almost all other dates.Thanks.Huskers20
  13. Naked,received. TY and congrats again.So what are the early plans for next year? Got to be thinking ahead.Huskers20
  14. Naked,Congrats and good read.FTP is Huskers20....Thanks.
  15. Obv. rules out home games....what about when they are on the road? Do they have a bye week?Last year are first one was in September, so let us know which weekends you might be free.
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