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  1. $10 Buy In on Pokerstars coming up, I created a private sit n go tournamentWe've got four guaranteed people in there, all from Orlando...If interested it's listed under Tourney, then Private, it's called Orlando Hold'em at 17:00 (5:00 ET)Password is: orlandoTournament ID number: 60423493
  2. I'm on the button, $1/2 cash game on Pokerstars....dealt AQfolds all around... cut off raises to $8, I call, blinds both fold$17 in the potFLOP: 2 diamonds, A spades, J diamonds (I have no diamonds)Guy bets $20I think for a bit, flush draw? AK? AJ? I CallTurn: 10 diamondsGuy thinks for awhile, bets $30I just keep thinking, if he really hit his flush why would he come out betting higher, I dunno... based on some of his previous play, it just didn't feel like I was behind (I probably shoulda laid it down here, but oh well)I callRiver: 9 diamondsFOUR Diamonds on the board, I have none..
  3. Still need more sigs and I know theres gotta be far more people on here that can/are willing to do so...
  4. I'm well aware its on there, but the majority of the people in Central Florida have Brighthouse and don't care for a satellite dish, I don't want a dish either.
  5. It's hardly a bunch of old fogies in Orlando... Anyhow.. still need to keep this petition going!
  6. Still need a bunch more sigs... probably gonna take months to get enough to be solid enough to show them
  7. I've seen quite a few people here from the area... where are you guys at?
  8. I'm in... just a huge all in fest early on, it's funny to watch how quickly people drop out right from the get go -- they drop like 4-5 people every couple seconds
  9. Pass it along to people you know too... I'll be doing the same shortly, although I just started this thing an hour ago.. but hopefully it starts to take off.And I agree.. I hate watching it on the internet where you don't get as clear a picture
  10. Brighthouse Networks in the Central Florida area currently does not include the GSN (Game Show Network) channel as part of their lineup despite it being in almost every other area in Florida. GSN broadcasts tons of game shows such as Family Feud, Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc and also many poker/blackjack shows including High Stakes Poker, World Series of Blackjack, Ultimate Blackjack Tour, and soon to be home of the World Poker Tour shows and more. It's completely baffling why this channel is not even included in the entire Central Florida area when it's a regular station anywh
  11. I'm in central Florida and I am frustrated because there is no GSN channel here for High Stakes Poker (and soon to be WPT also)... I went to the GSN website and they have a "Get GSN" section with a form I filled out and my cable provider was listed in there so I'm just very curious if anyone else in Florida gets this channel or did you have to special order it somehow?
  12. I see re-run after re-run after re-run of the 2006 US Poker Championship.. yet, I've never seen the final table of it?? Was it even shown??They even had a marathon of one episode right after another, in order, one time and ended right when it broke into the last two tables...
  13. I read somewhere that Doyle Brunson scripted most, if not all, the hands in the movie... so blame Doyle if you didn't like it... anyhow, I never build up huge expectations for any movie, therefore I thought it was alright. It could've been better, but I wasn't too disappointed.
  14. OOhh.. you're right.. what was I thinking, pocket 5's should ALWAYS hold up against AK as its such a MONSTER favorite. THANK YOU so much for helping with this little insight in my poker game, now I'm gonna play SO MUCH better!
  15. AK vs 55 is not a bad beat.. just because it happened on the turn doesn't allow it to slip into the bad beat section..If you guys think thats a bad beat, you're pathetic, plain and simple... I'm done with this
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