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  1. raising here in the bb wouldn't make much sense. what am I getting out of raising here? I will most likely get a call from everyone who had limped, except for maybe the SB. I'm out of position throughout the hand, my hand isn't that strong, and if i miss the flop then where do i go from there?suppose the flop comes Q 8 5, I'm most likely drawing to only an ace, or a bd straight, and will fold to a bet having lost 2 SBs where I only needed to lose one. there are only a few flops that would help my hand, like looshle said, an ace high or jack high flop being the most likely. I didnt want to put
  2. i dont get the strategy forums.. i post 3 diff. threads with 3 diff. LHE hands, 1 stays in general strategy and the other two are moved to "texas holdem" ? anyone know what exactly the general strategy forum is for, considering there is a diff. forum for each game?
  3. however, he was also capable of having called me down with another pair as a lot of players had been calling to the river with mid pair at that table.
  4. UTG+1 was semi-loose and aggressive, seemed like he might have missed a club draw and raised in a last ditch to steal the pot, or may have misread me for a missed draw too.
  5. 1/2 LHE 4 handedI had been raising pf and taking down a lot of pots just playing position. The table was playing pretty tight until this hand: Im on the buttonI am dealt [7 9 ]UTG+1 folds, I raise, SB calls, BB calls.(seems like a loose raise, but the table was really tight the whole night)flop: 4 9 9 SB bets, BB calls, I raise. SB calls, BB calls.turn: 6 SB checks, BB bets, I raise, SB calls, BB 3-bets, I...keep in mind they had been playing tight the whole time up until this hand, this raise made me think he had a strong hand like the case 9 with a better kicker, 66, 44..I just call
  6. I'm BBDealt to me:[A J ]UTG calls, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 calls, 3 folds, SB completes, I check.flop: Q A 5 SB checks, I bet, UTG folds, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 folds, SB folds.turn: 2 I bet, UTG+1 callsriver: K I bet, UTG+1 raises, I....Is this an easy fold or call? I know he doesn't have AK or AQ (he wouldn't have limped pf with either of these hands)
  7. just out of curiosity, to those who play limit, how much do you buy in for in proportion to the blinds, and how long is an average session for you?
  8. so check/call?say it was the same situation, and the sb bet, just call?
  9. As far as I know.. neverwin still hasn't scheduled the match.. looks to me like hes ducking Daniel. Maybe he needs to find some backers before he puts most of his bankroll on the line? but thats just as far as I know..
  10. Need some help on this hand:1/2 Limit Holdem (6 players at table)I'm BB with J 10 UTG calls, UTG +1 calls, folds to dealer, dealer calls, sb completes, I check.Flop: K 7 3 SB checks, I bet, UTG calls, folds to SB, SB calls.Turn: Q SB checks, I ____?
  11. ludicrous.. or lucrative?! go with it man! deposit the max on every site, you're gonna be rich! congrats on the success.
  12. You sound like a really experienced player. The first 3 cards are called the flop!(sw) lol! and good read, quit poker for a week.
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