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  1. 10/20 (6 handed)i raise QQ after a poor limper. good SB calls.flop is A ,5 ,7 checked to me and I bet, both call.turn is 8 checked to me i bet, both call.river is the T SB bets, EP folds, I fold.right?
  2. we are its children. we fead off of its FCPian tit.
  3. raising preflop with KQs (if it hasnt been raised already) is the best play no matter what position and no matter the amount of limpers.having limped, i like your flop play, brando.
  4. lolit still sucks. games just get more aggressive. the mistakes are still there.
  5. checking the turn to raise (ala HEPFAP) is outdated. Bet and hope to 3-bet.the only time i pull the bet then check/raise line is if I pull the same line wiht draws so I can add in some semi-bluffs.
  6. whoever thinks the play is better at 5/10 will be pleasently suprised.
  7. i just looked at the thread. it WAS 8 mont ago!**** mei got good fast 8)
  8. i knew pot odds 8 months ago...ive been supporting myself for 6 months.
  9. didnt i just bump a thread from 2 years ago where i didnt even know pot odds but was trying to explain it to someone else?
  10. more than 10% of the time?we need it something more than that because we aren't closing the action.this is close...let me eat before i even attempt
  11. i would raise the flop in hand 1.not sure about preflop, generally, it's OK...I know a few very successfull players that would cold call with worse.basically, i think all of your options are fine. fold, call, or reraise; reraise being the least apealing to me for some reason.
  12. sometimes i will call a raise and check/fold the turn for metagame purposes but i dont think this is a good time.i check/raise good hands and he knows that. He 3-bet me. i get the **** out. if he were to start 3-betting my check/raises he would be losing a ton of money.one time i like to call about 50% of the time for metagame purposes is when i have something like ATo and autobet a J65 flop. ill call the flop raise sometimes and then check/fold the turn. Often good players will check behind with 78 or something.
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