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  1. http://www.zeejustin.com...end of discussion. and yes, great player.
  2. What's move? raise 3xBB? raise min...?I hate raising 3xBB UTG w/ it since when three or four people call (as is usual at the Party soft games) and an Ace hits, you have no idea if someone just smooth called w/ AK, AQ or even AA.I guess you can throw out a first bet to see where you are at but... How do most of you handle situations such as that?
  3. In fact I did only call and villain showed AA resulting me taking down the pot.
  4. There's not much thought required at all for me. If you had anything higher than a 9 high I might consider betting.Like Merby said you're going to be betting 8$~ or more on this river to make a move. That's already comitting 16 BB's at your table on a stone cold bluff.*shrug* I guess it's dependent on style but I'd much rather make wise decision as opposed to being so concerned about taking down this one single hand. There'd be many other opportunities to come to strike.Whats the read on the guy anyway? If he's looking to make max profit like a fool he might even be slow playing a set down o
  5. Villain 40% VP$IP, PAF 0.5His super low post flop aggression and still calling me down, then with the raise on the river scared me a little.. :)Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ BB (10 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxUTG+1 ($86.78)UTG+2 ($9.40)MP1 ($47)Hero ($100.15)MP3 ($64.32)CO ($51.28)Button ($48.30)SB ($78.42)BB ($42.75)UTG ($38.67)Preflop: Hero is MP2 with [9s], [9d]. SB posts a blind of $0.25. 3 folds, BB checks.Flop: ($1.75) [2s], [9c], [Th] (3 players)BB checks, MP1 checks, Hero bets $0.5, BB folds, MP1 calls $0.50.Turn: ($2.75) [3d] (2 players)MP1 checks, Hero bets $1.5, MP1
  6. By AF's u mean low post flop aggression ratings? like less than 1.0 ideally?yea definately.Re: your aside, yea I don't mind it either if it's a good player that actually made the call. When it's a cash-money maniac though it drives me up the wall
  7. On the flop? Villains were both 50%+ VP$IP w/ 5-10 paf.They essentially could be on anything who knows? KQ, KJ, 99, QQ, KKyes, i saw one of them limp w/ AA earlier, no reason they wouldn't limp with KK or QQ either...so the stop and go was as the first guy says,I will call and lead out again on the turn (assuming its' safe which it was) and if I get raised again, I would be prepared to let the hand ago. I led out ~2/3 of the pot on the turn and when they just called I figured I was good.CO was most likely on a flush draw and button showed AK.
  8. How is this even a question? It's a check and fold to a bet.
  9. Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ Hero (9 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxMP3 ($74.35)CO ($47.25)Button ($114.10)SB ($29.20)Hero ($91.37)UTG ($49.45)UTG+1 ($21.55)MP1 ($21)MP2 ($24.30)Preflop: Hero is BB with [9s], [Qd]. SB posts a blind of $0.25. 1 fold, MP3 calls $0.50, CO calls $0.50, Button calls $0.50, SB (poster) completes, Hero checks.Flop: ($3) [9c], [Kc], [Qh] (6 players)SB checks, Hero bets $2, Button calls $4, SB folds, Hero calls $2.Turn: ($15) [8d] (3 players)Hero bets $7, CO calls $7, Button calls $7.River: ($36) [3h] (3 players)Hero bets $10, CO folds, Button calls $10.F
  10. So correct if I'm wrong please...I'm playing Party w/ PokerTracker running...If I see someone at my table with a VP$IP at 60%+ these should be the players I should be targetting as I'm more likely to draw more cash out of em when I got it. yes/no? What sucks though is these are the same people who will call your 10$ PF raise w/ hands such as 44 and hit a set on the flop when U hold something like QQ.
  11. Someone posted a link to a good ratings file to import into poker tracker? can someone point me to the thread cause I sure as hell can't find it. ..or just relink the file in this one please
  12. I disagree with everything you just said. Even with your hand example to you described in the OP and your thoughts on it.If anything the hand analysis has greatly helped my own game and made me a better player. In what regard? It's taught me to really think about my hand and teach greater discipline over my game by making good laydowns as opposed to the old way of just calling and then being like "OMG i can't believe u played that!"With regards to the hand you posted? I agree with Dan saying that if you are going to fold to a big raise then check. If your opponent has the 'nads to make such a
  13. Anyone else finding the play VERY tight in the ring games? even at the lower limits? yikes... :x
  14. Well, I spoke to Krystal at Tech Support and all I was able to get was a "I'll get back to you tomorrow on this because I have to have tech support look at his."ohwell....i want my 20$!!!
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