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  1. i never read the book but this seems kinda stupid that they would take out that big of a portion of the plot.
  2. I've been thinking about making a trip up to turning stone casino in ny for a while, are the games there any good?
  3. I live in Ramsey, NJ ... Ill come and play ... When were you thinking about having it?
  4. Jennifer Harman is a great poker player but by no means is she hot!!!!! Comon guys lets be serious here
  5. I felt the need to create a thread about this. What are your feelings about keeping an excel spreadsheet or a word document that documents all of your poker results as well as comments about how you played and about players you were playing against. I just starting keeping one and ive found that my play has improved because of it. What are your feelings?
  6. Doug Lee is a garbage player who would've ended up losing if he didn't river trips on harman. As for Norman Chad, it makes me wanna change the channel every time he speaks. He says the corniest jokes and knows jack about the game. If he says the ex-wife joke one more time ..... I thought the coverage by ESPN was great tho, they did well for the first tournament and I'm excited to watch the other events.
  7. Just wondering what you're favorite poker book is.
  8. Pokerstars is much better than partypoker in my mind. Its true that there are plenty of bad players in partypoker but they always catch. On pokerstars, the qualityof player is slightly better and it makes for a much better game.
  9. What is the best and worst online poker room? I hate partypoker myself and seem to like pokerstars and paradise poker. Im interested to hear what others have to say.
  10. yeah thats a good point, there is no way that this thing is for real
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