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  1. I guess if I re-asked the question, I'd say the most profitable way to play at the limits I play (1/2 NL, 2/5 NL) seems to be to figure out what the guy I am against has, then play the cards 95% of the time. Maybe once every few hours I'll see the opportunity to push a guy off something, but that's it.There seems to be very little advantage at trying to push someone off something at the limits I play. I tend to get into the most trouble when I start thinking "He'll fold 2nd pair to this reraise".What I am questioning is am I playing optimally or are there more moves to be made? I know it's har
  2. You guys seem to be saying what I've always felt.I may play all night and only make 3 or 4 fancy plays..but 99% of the time, just the ABC's.
  3. Lets just say you play a 10 hour session and it's a NLH cash game.I know everyone says you have to "play the player, not the cards" etc...But really, how many "moves" do you make in a given 10 hour session?And do you simply define "moves" as "bluffs"? If not, what else do you consider a "move"?
  4. I like the idea of the game being PL preflop and NL after the flop. I think more tournaments like this would be pretty cool.
  5. Is it already being broadcast? If not, when does it start?
  6. since you got help from your room mate, it was tainted win.1 player per hand.I consider Gordon the winner.
  7. Plus, whichever Ace you stick into your anus is now dead.Thus when you get your KK, there are now only Aces out to beat you.
  8. Cash game it's fine.Tournament, even if heads up in the hand, it's against the rules.Something about "protecting the other players in the tournament", even though they aren't in the hand. I'd love someone to explain this to me though. Yeah, you are affected by what happens in the hand, but you're affected even if the dude doesn't expose his cards.
  9. To argue that Daniel shouldn't have tried to set a trap late in a tourney when M is low with AA....well that's almost like saying you never trap.and we all know that's not true.I think he made the only play that makes sense if he wanted to win the tourney. To try and win a smaller pot preflop is the equivalent of just trying to move up a few more spots in the money. Is there going to be a better double up opportunity later in the tourney than AA against an aggressive chip leader heads up in a pot?
  10. I have played at a few places in DFW. Some were nice places, some just small backrooms. But always good people and lots of action.I'm looking for a new game in Northwest Fort Worth as I moved out that way recently. PM me if anyone knows of one.
  11. It just depends on the size of the bonus.I actually think they release the bonus in 10 increments of 10%.
  12. The 11.28 is what you've earned so far. But they won't release that money into your account until the "next release", which is 15.Then you're next release will probably be at 30, then 45 and so on.
  13. I'd go all in against her pocket pair...if you know what I'm sayin.sup?
  14. I moved from Party to Full Tilt and am finding the games to be much tougher.They are still beatable sure, but I seem to actually have to pay attention now and grind.Whereas at Party, I'd just play ABC's most the time and wait for someone to hand me their entire stack.Frankly, it kind of sucks.
  15. It will be banned from network tv (otherwise known as free tv) within 2 years. Luckily we can still watch it on cable though.or my joke answer....they'll ban it if anyone as ugly as you ever appears on it.
  16. Younger sisters are always hotter than older ones anyway..sounds like you made out there.
  17. 8k people last year, but how many of those were Americans that won their seats online? Could this be the biggest step ever in cutting back the size of the main event field?
  18. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_news/news_...class=PokerNewsso someone explain everything to me. Is it time for me to withdrawel all my money from my party account, or is it already too late?
  19. 1st off, should I assume everyone that multi-tables is playing limit so that they can essentially go on autopilot? Because I can't handle it playing pot limit and no limit (which is all I play).Also, are you guys playing with duel monitors, or just a large enough monitor to "tile" all of your tables so that you can see them all at once?My monitor isn't big enough and have to to cascade the tables, or keep them minimized until it beeps....which makes me go insane as I feel like they all start beeping at once.anyway...I may just not be able to handle it. Tell me how you do it,
  20. Obviously it changes depending on the game...but in general...I start off really tight and try to grind until I become the big stack on the table...then I tend to loosen up and try and smash the table with the stack.I usually give myself a money point that if I drop below, I have to tighten back up and start grinding again...
  21. seems we have no concensus.MyPlayIsRAB says the WSOP would now have declared the hand dead...but others are saying "house rules".hmm...
  22. I know you can do it in a cash game. I always believed you could not do it ina tournament.Anyway, it came up last week in a tournament I run.Player A goes all in.Player B flips up his cards...waits a few minutes...then calls..and wins.Player A claimed about 10 minutes later that B's hand should be dead...I told him had he said something at the time (I was on a different table), I'd have agreed with him and declared B's hand dead...but 10 minutes later is too late.anyway...was his hand dead? Player B claims once heads up in a hand, he can do this.I looked it up on pokertda.com, and rule 35 jus
  23. Just curious. Anybody have any actual value they put on it? In Limit, is it a number of BB per hour?What about PL and NL games?
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