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  1. one important factor you are not taking into consideration is the amount of money in the main pot vs what was in the side pot.the main pot i was invested $96 to win a pot that contained (96x3+25+2) $305, and then the side pot which would be the even money call- $400 to win $800. again if my reads turned out to be true id be favorite 38% vs 28% player b and 34% player a. however for the big side pot against just the one player b- i was in fact 60-40 favor.
  2. lol jordan... please take the time to read the post and give some intelligent insight. this game was set up by these guys to have a fun home game vibe. none are looking to go too crazy on each other as it truly is just a friendly "nobody gets too stung at end of the night" home game.the reason i mentioned about the deep pockets was to let people know that at those stakes, the potential win/loss factor of the majority of the players would not have major affect on their well being. that factor also led to my eventual call of one of the more deep pocketed fellas (player B ).
  3. "does having trust in your read justify making a call for all of your chips"hey knight. 1st off i want to thank you for taking the time to read my long winded post. if you read the subheading as i just requoted here, my main thought process in posting this is whether trusting your read in a situation justifies making a crazy call like i did in this situation. i hope you thoroughly read my hand description as i put a lot of thought in the hand is it went down and also a lot in retyping it all out. what was missed by you i feel is that not only was i not just thinking of my crappy A4cc as the
  4. was playing in a rather volatile home game almost straight out of rounders the other night. i make the rounders comparison because the game was loaded with judges, attorneys and other deep pocketed individuals...the game set up was simple. 9 handed, $250 min/max buy in. $1/$2 NLHE only. this was my second time playing in this newly set up game, and felt i had a pretty good read on all the villains after a 4 hour 1st session, and about 4.5 hours into session 2.we had been playing about 4.5 hours and the game was called to be over at 12:30am. the time was 12:20am i was in mid position, and by
  5. 1- what are the odds of getting dealt 2 cards in hold em that could result in flopping an open ended straight draw using both hole cards?so basically odds of getting dealt 2 connectors? two 1-gap connectors? and two 2-gap connectors?2- odds of getting dealt an open ended straight draw with:two connectors:two 1-gap connectors:two 2-gap connectors:
  6. hey DN..thanks for the reply. always appreciate when ya take the time out for us 'minions'. i guess i posted this just to further the life long poker quandry- "to raise or not to raise"... if you happen to see this reply- i know off topic- but in the TOC you seemd to be wearing a ziggy marley shirt w/ what one can only guess has cannabis leaves on it. i believe i read b4 you werent a smoker, does this mean perhaps you are at last an advocate? well, have a safe trip back home sir.peace!
  7. insta-classic IMO.supertouch gets my vote for best icon and nick. HR 4 EVR!!!!!
  8. first off... tough break DN. very tough break.not sure how many of you are awar just yet, but nenad medic raised preflop with K6, DN called in pos with AA. flop comes K,6,x cyanora DN.now.. coulda shoulda woulda is all that comes to mind... thoughts from DN, anyone?reraise preflop mandatory with the AA?any regrets for not popping?this sems to be the age old question of slow playing a big pp preflop...
  9. exactly my point. it seemed like real salt coming from mike towards gus. more so then his normal jabs. oh well guess we will never know.
  10. i may be late on this or i may be alone in my thoughts on it, but does anyone have any reasons to believe why mike was being so downright rude towards gus?we have all seen mike's potential to be a rude bas*ard but this seemed over the top even for him. then he even went and made commetns to jeff about it as he got knocked out...all seemed very bizarre to me.any theories or actual tidbits of info would be appreciated...
  11. i like the idea of a standard low raise like that $6 as long as you do it throughout the session holding AA or 9cTc or anything. it does truly make it difficult for someone to put you on a holding. obvioiusly there are risks involved with doing that play, but if you trust your reads you should be able to make big laydowns with your big holdings if it looks as if you got drawn out on.next- i also like the calling of his $10 raise in position with a fun action hand like 9cTc.i also like the raise on the flop to hopefully see where you are. unfortunately he just calls you. now alarm bells sho
  12. thank you guys all so much for your intelligent opinions.it is such a pleasure to post on a board and be able to have a reciprocal conversation with like minded or at least similarly educated players.re: the isolation vs no isolation..that i suppose is the age old question ;)pretty much a newbie to this forum, but i feel i will be here for some time coming....thanks again...
  13. please scroll down..and then give me your thougths. thanks so much by the way for taking this time to read this and comment.
  14. borgata- atlantic city- $1/$2 NLHE 11pmim in late position , maybe one b4 the cutoff.utg makes it $6 to go all in.(utg has been playing his short stack for 2 hours.. have to figure he is finally at his last $6 and has to push with any 2 overs or any pp.)gets 3 callers. (2 of the callers have average stacks of $200-$250 and arent very aggressive players. the 3rd player i had already deemed him as "mr i cant help myself" as in anytime its checked to him in position he has to raise. anytime its folded to him in position he has to raise. pretty much your standard hyper aggressive young gun.(min
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