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  1. Hi elnino,


    Any local Poker Home games in and around the KWC / Guelph area happening presently ?

  2. Highstakesdb has him up over 1.3 mil since the start of august!
  3. eff that guy man,dont ship it back.
  4. Hi friends,Is anyone in the area looking to start or has a game open to other board members such as myself? I am looking for a casual occasional game and would prefer cash games (blinds up to 1/2) or tournaments if that's what people prefer. Does anyone know of anything or is anyone intersted?Thanks!
  5. Hey.I've been to the falls a few times to play cards but i was wondering what the general feeling is to which room is better on a saturday night of a long weekend? Fallsview or Niagara, will be playin 1-2 or 2-5, 5-5
  6. there is a vegasopoly and the bellagio is boardwalk
  7. yeah just went down for me and i just started two SNGs
  8. is this the tournament in canada that originally had a 50k prizepool with 25 to the winner?it was at pokerroom.com?
  9. he swore in season two of high stakes poker. i think it was the hand where he flopped a straight and eli filled up with two sixes. dan says somethign about flopping a straight then says 'what the fuck' quietly but the censor does pick it up
  10. how far is it from niagara falls?im 22 but the soft games are a-callin'!
  11. most of the guarentee tournaments are 26 dollar buyins
  12. i saw him today playing 25/50continue your sports discussion but the H@££inggol discussion is over
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