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  1. yes i will pay back all with my bonus
  2. i really lost it all 6.35 i lost it now i only have 5 points to go to unlock the bonus just a little more help to get if free
  3. thanks to Cba for the transfer ill ship it backin a min
  4. phily ivey just shiped 500 k to me and told me to have fun!!!!
  5. thats relly cool thanks to the member that just sent me 5k i dont know who did that but you the greatest ill pass the good along to the next person
  6. why do you think i dont have many post i can type and i canr eally spell. but that is what makes poker for everyone
  7. im just trying to get a little help and noone has the heart to help anyone in need ive been on this site for a year and yet because i read and dont post i have no respect. ok that cool i was just asking for a little help and i would give it back to you. but it is cool i dont mean to beg all night ill just wait to find someone who will do and they will have the same done for them in return
  8. well paris porn mvies is out , and britney will be out latar this month there is about 100 blank spaces the end
  9. so what can i do im just a little wana be trying to be on you guys poker level do you want to have a protce or how ever you spell it like danial does?
  10. if i had th 5 or 10 in good faith money i wouldnt be posting on the site asking for help i would have the money to unlock the bonus.!!!!!how can i get a screen shot and post it then ill show you how much i need for the bonus
  11. so what about a little help or not????????????????????????//
  12. yeah i have seen that befor i just trying to get help like i have seen befor
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