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  1. I`m just not stating who I have backed in a thread for privacy issues with the players as most are now good friends. You can ask me any questions you wish and I will answer them 100%.
  2. Sorry for not starting out like that... I prob should have.I was really unsure who to start out because I`ve had the same players for years and over the past month just lost quite a few of them. I don`t post on any forums and this is the only place that in the past I have so I figured it maybe a good place to find some players.Anyway, hopefully there is some players on here that could use some help. PM if interested I need to get back to work but will respond later this eveningThanks
  3. GuysThis is legit and I can promise I do not need any advertising ... I had this account for years now and did not want to open a new one because then I would not be taken seriously at all and prob have my IP Banned for posting.
  4. Thanks Naked Cowboy... I remember you winning that tourney actually
  5. Any questions or concerns please PM because I don't want this thread getting side tracked and I'm not doing a Q and A with people in the threadThanksChris
  6. I know FCPBob, Worked with Daniel 5 years ago and we had a TV show in Canada. Live on the East Coast of Canada.I own a poker skin and have been in online gaming for over 5 years. I backed numerous large players at high stakes for years. Each deal is different as some players are NL players, others MTT and others Limit players. I can provide references if we go down this road and you can speak to each of them. Most are well known online players but I don't feel the need to expose who they are until I make an offer to back the players and they need references to complete there due dil
  7. Gallo: OBV your the only player that has started a roll and just ran it to a few million. I was really unaware that Durr posted on FCP as Gallo but it's nice to see.I have backed players that were in the top 10 on P5's so other than yourself sometimes people's rolls get low, life expenses occur and they need cash to play.So considering i have received numerous PM"s on here already from what appear to be winning players based on there HUD and PT stats maybe your the only player that never needs any assistance with there roll and BR Mgt..
  8. I really don't know why this is funny thread as it's a great opportunity for some players.I've back numerous online pro's in the past and i'm looking for new players. I had two players in the final 20 of last years main event and if you wish I can provide plenty of great references. Many players have problems with BankRoll MGT and when they get backed they become much better players and have a much higher win rate.Please only respond in this thread if your serious about being backed and there is no need to make a joke out of this...
  9. Hey guysI've been backing online players for a few years. Had quite a bit of success with the stable of guys I had for the past three years. I had 15 guys and now I'm down to 7. The other 8 now have stable rolls are they are on there own.If you want to explore backing please PM me your Poker tracker, HEM and stats.Please do not send me a PM if you are a losing player.ThanksChris
  10. Hi EveryoneWe are expanding our University Poker Championship program into Aussie and NZ. We do the North American event with as well with Pokerstars so I thought I would put a call for jobs on here. We have been doing these events for 4 years and have worked with FCP/Daniel twice now so we are a legit organizationWe pay 20 AUD per hour for this marketing/promotions job.I can provide more info so please flip me an email chris@lifeofsports.com
  11. No worries man...I honestly could not figure out why you opened the thread and complained.
  12. If your not a student do not read the thread?Honestly, I'm pretty sure we are clear in the post name on what we are looking for so If you do not fit the bill or your not interested why open the thread.
  13. No...We have never worked with Pokerroom.com. That was a total different tourneyIn Canada we worked with FCP (year 1) and Gnuf (year 2)This is year 3 with Stars for the North American (Canada and US)
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