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  1. I wanted to sign up for PokerVT but since I am from Israel , I have nothing to write in the State/province/region part . I cant sign in. what should i do ?? have a nice day .
  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nice for the mouth to win this ... really happy for him , a great player and he deserves it good job Mike , go for the most this year ! GOOD LUCK
  3. LOL how can you say anything like that?? maybe you should think first before posting anything like that although i respect the fact that you share with us all that. Daniel has close to 10M $ in his winnings and you say that he should show us results first?? well as his fans here, we like to see him talking like that about how good he feels and how good he is going to do cause it gets us to believe in him. when you have anything close to his results in any game maybe you should start talking then and show up with that kind of post here. gg man
  4. Noooooooooooooo.. Daniel is out... he played really good and looked really focused. got it in with QQ vs TT and a ten flopped. :(still the best Daniel!! keep up the good work.. all the forum is with you . get them next time ): good luck !
  5. i am trying to understand why people who only want to curse or say stuff that have nothing to do with the subjects write things down? is it to gain more posts to the list?? please dont comment anymore. i got the idea of the people here and the level of most.
  6. i see now that i have fans. its amazing how people write down this comments that has nothing to do with the topic . the double post on 2+2 was by mistake and i apologize if it hurt you in anyway. you dont have something interesting to say , just dont.
  7. What would you as a Tournament player like to see change in the poker world?new things, suggestions and stuff that can contribute to the poker tournament competition.
  8. i am looking for more of what you call ""times were tough in the army" thing. no reason . the music sounded good to me.
  9. I need some help with something guys.i am looking for a name of a song or whatever it is . what i am talking about is at the WSOP 2007 HORSE 50k event episode 27 when they made the interview withEli Elezra and the music that was played during that.if anyone can help me i would like to know the name of that song or that kind of music.link : http://tinyurl.com/2nrf4kits 55 sec in .
  10. lol u didnt understand what i was saying. but i dont deposit online but youcould be invited to my home game. if you wanna catch a plain to Israel .. you are wellcom.
  11. some of you here got me all wrong.i meant that when i play i am competitive and try my hardest to win, my point is that we should not put to much into game plans and things like. i mean for us that play in our weekly home games. of course i try to win because i am a competitive person in anything that you can try and beat. but sometimes we think about game plans and things like that , and we forget that its just a game. and of course i care about the money, i mean its money after all. but we should not let that get to us and bother us when we are not during a game. everything i say is what i f
  12. Anyone here feels here that poker is just a game and we should go to our weekly home game and play for fun.no game plans and special strategics, we just play for fun! if we win .. we win . if not .. so be it. but we understand that its just a game and dont put too much into it. it should be like that for those of us who are not pros, do you agree with me? if we feel like that its no different then going to play ball or something for fun, and then the competitive side of us comes into play like other games.someone here feels like me ??
  13. lol is that what makes a moron . how i write? does it matter? its just short cuts that i am used to. as long as u know what they mean.its not mistakes , its things i am used to. sorry if i have other English problems, its not my first language. lol u cant be serious posting this comment.
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