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  1. MIWLF? Does that mean "Malodorous Iniquitous Weasel (you'd) Love (to) F**k"? Or was the 'W' a typo?
  2. Well, you're right, there is no god, so don't sweat it.However, you did the right thing not "stealing" that guys pot. Yes he sucked out on you royally, but a winning hand is a winnner, regardless of how or when it came.
  3. No way! Un vegas? Lot's of money? The hell you say!j/k
  4. I still don't understand what you moving to California has to do with this. Nor how this is "one of the more crucial decisions" of your life?
  5. I've been there too man. I've had to put down a pet before. I almost lost my current dog this past winter in an emergency situation, so the feeling is still fresh in my mind. It's never easy, but like everyone said, think about the happiness you got from your dog and your dog got from you. Nothing lasts forever, so keep the good memories alive.
  6. Rick Astley is the anti-christ!!! He's coming to steal your soul!
  7. The only way this movie could be saved is if they dig up Jackie Gleason and have him reprise his role as Sherriff Buford T. Justice!Now THAT, my friends, would kick ***!
  8. What a bunch of fu*king bullsh*t!!!Our government is completely out of control. If you care about stuff like this, vote for Ron Paul. I hate to preach politics, but you know damned well that none of the other candidates is going to do a damned thing to make our country more free.
  9. What more would he need to do? In this age of the internet, wouldn't it make sense for you to check out his website and find out all about his platform? It would take 15 minutes for you to know almost anything you want about him. Probably enough time to decide if you'd want to support him or not. So what more could HE do to help you decide?And I'm not trying to be a jackass here, I'm just curious as to what you're thinking he needs to do to let you know what he's about. Many others might have the same feelings and I'd (as a Ron Paul supporter) like to know what his campaign might be able
  10. No matter how you slice it, this is just another bill that would create more government interference. When are the American people going to wake up tot he fact that the government RARELY makes anything better by getting invovled in it? Good lord, it's not like we don't have plenty of examples of why socialism doesn't work. I guess everyone forgot about that little country over in Western Europe. Understandable, considering how insignificant they have always been to us.
  11. Where did he ever make any "broad general claims" about Obama? Here's his original quote..."I've wondered all along if Obama's popularity is the result of the fact that he hasn't stood for anything yet -- he has no positions. Here's a bit from an article about a bill he supports, and I'm starting to think I am correct."He merely stated that he had a feeling about him, and he is "starting to think" he's correct about his assumption. He did not say "See, I was right about him".And the fact that Obama is following true Democratic thinking in his support of socialized medicine and now employment
  12. "Also on the list is Rev. Greg Hogan, who has often spoken out about online gambling after his 19-year-old son robbed a bank during his sophomore year in college. The boy said he robbed the bank to pay for his online gambling habit, a story that was picked up and circulated around the nation."Don't you love it how just because some assclowns son went and robbed a bank to support his on-line gambling habit, that this guy is going to argue that none of us should have that right? ****in' idiot. God damn I hate the self-righteous pricks that our government lets influence them. This shouldn't ev
  13. I trust celebrities to endorse products they really use, and care about. That's what made me buy the "Kathy Liebert Back Hair Trimmer". I couldn't be happier (or less hairy)!
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