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  1. Ok, looks like consensus is leading me to Full Tilt.So now that I've decided on the room and the 27% rakeback, does it matter which rakeback place I join through, or are they all pretty much the same?Cheers
  2. So Stars sounds like the better option fish-wise, but Tilt's the choice if I want rakeback! Don't know which option I prefer............
  3. Thanks JMoney - but no rakeback at Poker Stars or Full Tilt? Is that right?
  4. Hi all,Need some advice on where to play now......I've been playing 5/10 limit at Party for a while now. I liked Party because it was always pretty loose and I liked the software.With the US players largely gone from there, the game sucks now. So I need a new site. I've tried Absolute and Pokerroom in the past, but wasn't a big fan of their software.It's also probably time I started getting some rakeback. So.....what's the best site in terms of software, volume of players, and rakeback?Thanks
  5. Thanks Zach - appreciate your insight.Just to clarify, I certainly wasn't posting on the subject as a means to use the method - I simply wanted to know if others are trying to cheat me, how are they achieving it (and therefore which signs should I be looking out for?).You've answered that - thanks again.Cheers
  6. Was that an attack on me or my post Zach?? Either way, I'll refrain from replying with what I really think of your response.Now, does anybody have any constructive comments??
  7. Was playing a bit of 5/10 at Party last night, and there was some chat (an accusation really...) of a couple of players playing in coercion with each other.This got me thinking (because I'd never actually considered it before) - what are the advantages of two players sitting alongside each other (live) playing at the same online table?? The obvious answer is that the player with the weaker of the 2 hands would fold more readily, and that could reduce their overall rake, but apart from that - is there any obvious advantage??.Further, this team-playing is obviously already happening online, bu
  8. After five successive sessions at Party 5/10 where I'd managed to walk away with handy profits of between 10 and 30 BB's, I was starting to think that I was getting better than average at this game - and everytime I sat down to a session I was confident that I was going to do better than holding my own. That was until last night......The rot started early when my KKK, up against a QQQ and an XXX (thereby ensuring a great pot), got smashed on the river by some clown holding 4d 9d who hits his flush with a runner runner! It got worse when my A-high flopped flush got run down on the river by th
  9. Winner


    Interested in the responses to this topic too - because I swear that I lose more money when I'm dealt AK than what I win! I'm starting to think that AK is cursed or something (or maybe I just play it like a moron!)
  10. This is the site I found that's offering Poker Tracker and Rakebackhttp://www.pokerpromotions.net/absolutepoker.shtml
  11. Thanks guys - appreciate the feedback. Will be signing up with Absolute in the next couple of days (not through you sorry Ab - through another site so I can get a free copy of Poker Tracker.....).Tell me, in terms of playing talent, is there a lot of difference between Absolute and Party?
  12. Need some advice from the more experienced players on the forum about rakebacks.......I've just started playing online Poker, and have played about 10,000 hands all up - the majority of them on 3/6 at Party. I'm averaging about 1,000 hands a week.I get the standard (?) email from Party each month about a 25% deposit bonus, and I usually make sure I make a deposit even if I don't need to, just to take advantage of the offer. The wagering requirements, however, are pretty heavy, and it can be a bit of an effort to get through them at times.My question is am I missing out on better offers at oth
  13. Can somebody give me a brief explanation of what these numbers mean that you guys quote all the time please? Thanks
  14. Hi all,I'm new to the game - played about 6,000 hands mostly on limit (but some NL), and although I had a couple of early profitable sessions, I'm overall well behind. It's at this point I decided to back off a bit and educate myself more on the ins and outs of Poker.So I come to a forum like this and read as much as I can about the experience of others. I've also ordered Sklansky's book SSHE, as recommended by some of the contributors here.But what I don't get is this......there's clearly some very good and very experienced players who contribute here (better than me anyway...) - but even yo
  15. Thanks Zach (and others) - one more stupid question (before I turn off my computer!), where's the best place to get a copy of SSHE (preferably a copy I can download?)?Cheers
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